For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love. -- Carl Sagan
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M2 is reading parts of Edith Hamilton's Mythology, specifically tonight on the creation myths of the Greeks. This jumped out... "Love created Light with its companion, Radiant Day... With the coming of love and light it seemed natural that the earth also should appear." There. *Love* created the world. Best creation story ever.

I kind of just want to leave this whole newsletter with that thought. Love created the world. 

But this is the power of stories. Cosmologies and mythologies and theologies all tell stories of why and how things came to be, how things are, why they are, and give advice on how one might (and might not) successfully navigate the uncertainties oif life. The beginning of this particular cosmology is love. Granted, it's Greek mythology and things go sideways pretty quickly, but still. It starts with love.


Atypically, this is a classic book on the topic I have not read yet. Not that I've read everything, far from it (#goals, y'all!), so I think my reading list just shuffled this to the top to see what other bits of loveliness and wisdom she casually drops into the midst of all the goings on...

With love and curiosity and an ever growing reading list,


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