“the most
beautiful tide

is the sweep
of your heart
against mine.” 

― Sanober Khan
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Whirling, Spinning, & Sweeping

Phix's Curiosity: what sparks my interest

Watch this space to see what's sparked my interest this week.  A random grab bag of delights!

Work. WAIT. I mean - yes - my brain will probably be on work for a while, but I've been up to some other things as well.  Last weekend, I went to a broom-making class with one of my favorite people ever, Jaina.  We made turkeytail hand brooms.

There will be more broom classes to come, I think.  Probably a few more short classes before we get to do a long broom.  It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday, plus there was a ferry ride & those are always delightful for stepping away from the swirling, whirling of day to day life that can really drag one in...

Photo credit goes to Adrienne Adams who also took the class with us.  I am so glad & grateful she captured this picture of us together. <3

Medusa's Garden

When you need every one and everything around you to just stop.

So yeah - making space to do something when things are swirling, whirling around is... sometimes it feels like adding more things to the swirling and whirling, but can also be a way of forcing one to create the space and boundaries needed to get some distance and perspective. Or at least put some space in the time where one can step away from whatever is immersing life. 

Not only did I go up to Lopez (ended up spur of the moment being an overnight trip at that because the latest ferry that would have gotten me to the class on time left the dock at 6am and that just *wasn't* going to work for me, so I went up Saturday afternoon!), but this week we're going to go see a Mark Lanegan concert.  It's been a long time since I went to a concert... It's been a longer time since I saw Mark in concert. I'd listen to him read the phonebook, so it seems weird that it's been this long but there you go.  Resolved to fix that in the midst of all the other things going on!

Ariadne's Yarn: playing with threads

What I'm up to with fiber and possibly how mythology and stories all tie together.

I am still knitting the scarf.  I have knit and frogged (unknit) the same four rows about four times now.  I don't know why, but I canNOT get the stitches to count out right (darn lacework). And at over 270 stitches, a row is a *commitment*.   So, I'll be frogging the last two rows... again, next time I sit down to knit.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Mythic Librarian: the art of arranging a life 

Thoughts on ontology and ways to organize a life.

Creating space in the midst of everything - creating the boundaries for Medusa's Garden, creating room for curiosity, creating room for creativity - especially when things feel like they're spiraling out of control - helps bring things back into perspective, helps reground things, regroup things.  And eventually things will stop their whirling and spiraling and spinning and swirling long enough for you to catch breath... 

With love, and structure, and organization, and curiosity - may Ariadne's ball of yarn guide you through the labyrinth safely until next time!


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