“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.” 
― Erma Bombeck
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Emergence and Wraps


Phix's Curiosity: what sparks my interest

Watch this space to see what's sparked my interest this week.  A random grab bag of delights!

The mushrooms are back! I saw a tiny little Amanita panthera that had been knocked over by some oblivious soul in front of our house and a whole forest of little mushrooms in the shrubs at work. I'm looking forward to seeing what else starts popping up! Time to go for walks  around the campus! 


Medusa's Garden

When you need every one and everything around you to just stop.

Boundaries. Boundaries, boundaries. Boundaries. Reflecting all the bits and parts that have become attached to things. Reclaiming space. Rewiring the brain and stepping  into new frameworks that fit better... Some weeks, it's how it goes...

Ariadne's Yarn: playing with threads

What I'm up to with fiber and possibly how mythologyand stories all tie together.

I think I'm over the part where I was stuck on this scarf! It's still a commitment to do a row, but I haven't had to tear it back you... Granted, no guarantees what happens next time I pick it up but you know, details!

I wore my big white wrap to work Thursday. Normally it's not something I'd do, but I needed to wrap myself in something so completely *me*. 

Mythic Librarian: the art of arranging a life 

Thoughts on ontology and ways to organize a life.

Short thoughts because kiddo #2 was up until 1:30ayem doing homework... which means it's later than that now.  I've been asleep on the couch for hours and sleep... more sleep... is calling me away. When I try to open my eyes, they feel full of sleepy sand. Note to self: brush teeth before crashing out! LOL! 

Sometimes arranging a life means working around the schedules of others and allowing things to happen and just be what they are as they emerge.  And it will be all still be ok. 

With love, and structure, and organization, and curiosity - may Ariadne's ball of yarn guide you through the labyrinth safely until next time!


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