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I like to turn things upside down, to watch pictures and situations from another perspective.
The change of seasons always leaves me feeling refreshed and inspired; suddenly everything in your day-to-day life looks and feels different. You’re layering clothes and eating heartier foods, the kids are going back to school and off to college, even the view outside of your window has changed! Fall often brings a change of schedule and a shift in moods as well.
The shift from Summer to Fall forces me to look at everything from a new perspective, approaching things from a different angle and making me notice details that I might have taken for granted before. Even a walk around your neighborhood can feel like a completely different experience! It’s a time to allow your imagination to soar.
As Fall sets in, we’re challenging ourselves (and you!) to make a list of the things you notice – keep a journal, take photos, or just make note in your head. You’ll be surprised at how your perception of the world changes as the months push on. Take that momentum and apply it to the rest of your life – how can you actively change your interpretation of work, school, or life in general? Put your “artist” hat on and search for new meanings in your own routine, letting your own craftsmanship and imagination lay a foundation for new beginnings.
Susan, Kelsey, and Patti
The Studio Brunstrum Team
Out or In?
What’s Out. We always use the newsletter to focus on things that inspire us and share what we think is “in”. This month, we’re taking our own advice and looking at things from a new perspective – sharing trends we think are overdone and no longer inspire us. Barn Doors, All-White Homes, and Accent Walls all had their moments over the past few years, but they no longer make us say “wow”! What goes around comes around, so we’re sure we’ll see an interpretation of these trends come back in the future, but until then we’re looking for other trends to curate our spaces.

Photos (both): Unknown
Up, Up and Away
Statement Ceilings. While accent walls might feel a bit dated, we will never say no to an accent ceiling! Statement ceilings expand your field of vision, often making a space feel larger than it actually is. Use a statement ceiling strategically (you don’t need them throughout your whole home) and have fun with what you want that statement to be – we recommend wallpaper or specialty paint. Our favorite ceiling we’ve created? A silver croc pattern!

Photos (left to right):Corey Damen Jenkins, Studio Brunstrum
Going Green
Green Cabinets. We’re saying goodbye to all white kitchens and hello to green cabinetry! Earthy and grounded, we love how green cabinets lend a natural look to the space where we create our meals and nourish our bodies. From sage to army green, finding the right hue for your kitchen comes down to personal preference as the color plays nicely with a myriad of metals and tile. For increased continuity in your home, carry the cabinetry color throughout!

Photos (left to right): Studio McGee, Better Homes and Gardens
Curve Your Enthusiasm
Curved Furniture. Curved furniture is making a comeback! We love the organic, feminine vibe that a curved arm or back lends an upholstered piece, particularly when juxtaposed with a heftier fabric like leather or wool. To create a balanced room, be cautious to have a good mix of angles and curves throughout, balancing the remaining furniture, fabric patterns, lighting shapes and rug designs to create a nice blend.

Photos (left to right): LD Shoppe, Unknown
Photos (Top, Left to Right): Studio Brunstrum, The Citizenry
Photos (Bottom, Left to Right): Studio Brunstrum, Studio Brunstrum, Unknown
While ottomans aren’t usually the first design choice we make in a room, they can have a big impact on functionality and flow. We normally try to determine if they’re purely aesthetic or need to serve a purpose within the room – does the ottoman need to serve as additional storage or seating? Does it need to be easily moveable? Will it also serve as a makeshift table for the inevitable nights you eat dinner on the sofa?
Once we determine the functionality, it’s important to consider the dimensions. If you plan to use your ottoman as a footrest, make sure the height isn’t greater than the seat height of your chair or sofa. You also need to ensure they’ll be enough clearance between the ottoman and your seating – you don’t want to create a walking path you have to squeeze through just to sit down. Don’t buy an ottoman so big it overpowers your space either – it’s one element of your seating arrangement but shouldn’t be the star.
After you’ve determined your functionality and sizing, then you can choose the aesthetic! Our advice? Utilize a contrasting material or fabric from other elements within the room!
With confined travel plans the past year+, we’ve been excited to explore more of our own city and neighboring states. Lucky for us, we’re just over the border from Michigan, where we’ve discovered adorable towns filled with boutiques, cafes, and art galleries. One of our favorite new discoveries has been J. Petter Galleries located in Douglas, MI. Owned and operated by Juli Petter – the gallery features over 1,000 pieces of work from 65 different artists. The gallery creates a true experience, and also doubles as a fine wine store, boasting over 400 different bottles of wine sold and 20 different wines poured for you to savor while you shop. We find new favorites pieces and artists every time we visit; some of our current discoveries are Jenny and Scott Martin, Paul and Carol Wilsea O'Brien, William Ludwig and Lori Katz.
We’re absolutely enamored with the Caracole Cool and Classic Cocktail Table. Simple and streamlined, the cocktail table would accent curved furniture perfectly and provides a neutral and classic base for the balance of a room’s furnishings and floorplans. The design also boasts ample space for accessorizing.
Sally Rooney – Beautiful World, Where Are You.
Sally Rooney, author of critically acclaimed Normal People, is back with her latest release Beautiful World, Where are You which follows the lives of four acquaintances (Alice, Felix, Eileen and Simon) as they navigate the world of adulthood. Struggling and rejoicing in the rollercoaster of life, the four intertwining stories navigate the worries and happiness we all experience as we try to find ourselves and our paths in life. Are the four on continued paths of uncertainty and struggle, or will they find a way to believe in the beautiful world around them?
High Point Market
We’re thrilled to be able to attend High Point Fall Market again – in person! Our team will be out of the office October 18-20th as we discover new inspirations from our favorite vendors.
ProRemodeler Feature
What’s a kitchen triangle and how does it affect the flow of your workspace? We talked with Barbara Ballinger on behalf of ProRemodeler about the origin of the triangle and how it’s changing as we use our homes differently. Check out the article here.
RNDD Gallery Walk
There’s still time to get your tickets and join us for the RNDD Gallery Walk this Friday and Saturday! Susan is honored to serve on the host committee and can’t wait to see the creativity at each showcase this year.
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