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Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.
It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone so quickly! In an effort to take time to be present and reflect on all that I’ve accomplished this year, I’m marking that passage of time not in months, days, or weeks lived, but rather the collection of experiences I gathered this year.
  • How many trips did I take this year to learn about a new place and culture?
  • How many books did I read that brought new stories and thoughts to life?
  • How many dinners did I have with cherished friends and family contained with laughter and memories?
  • How many days did I take to be outside in nature and appreciate the world around me?
  • How many times did I get to relish in a hobby I enjoy?
  • How many days did I take for myself – allowing the freedom to do whatever I wanted when I wanted?
  • How many times did I learn something new that changed my perspective?
What made my 2022 collection of experiences better and how can I bring more of that with me into 2023? Was there a theme? Something that I achieved that stood out? How did 2022 make me feel?
Whatever your experiences created throughout your year, I hope it was filled with creativity, joy, laughter and moments enjoyed with loved ones. Wishing you all that and more in 2023!
Susan, Kelsey, and Patti
The Studio Brunstrum Team
Form and Function
Lighting as Art. Functionality shouldn’t be the only consideration when choosing your lighting – especially for larger light fixtures in dining rooms, kitchens, foyers, and living rooms. We like to think of those light fixtures like we would a piece of art, taking into account proportion, finishes, and overall statement while also considering the amount of light they give off. We predict that 2023 will showcase an abundance of artful lighting!

Photos (left to right): Serip Lighting, Modern Home and Garden
Warm Up
Warm Woods. We’re harkening back to the 90s and bringing warm woods with us. The return of pine, birch, and lighter maple are helping to warm up our homes, in stark contrast to the darker and grayer finishes that have dominated the floor trends for the last decade. While pine kitchen cabinets might not be on the horizon, pine flooring and accents throughout the home add just the right touch.

Photos (both): Unknown
Liquid Courage
Lacquer. Lacquer tends to add a sophisticated vibe when used sparingly and with the right color palette. We’re seeing an influx of lacquer furnishings – especially in rich jewel tones as well as lacquer ceilings or full lacquered rooms in smaller spaces like foyers or powder rooms. Not ready to commit to a lacquer statement? Go smaller with a lacquer lamp!

Photos (left to right): Wendy Labrum, Evolution
Bench Seating. Gone are the days of trying to squeeze an extra dining room chair around the table when company is over – enter the dining room bench. We’ve seen a abundance of dining benches launch throughout the year and we’re loving the flexibility they lend for entertaining – especially in second homes or smaller condo living spaces where the headcounts can fluctuate with guests or creating space for more seating isn’t functional with your floorplan. Our favorite iteration? A two-piece dining banquette!

Photos (left to right): Decor, Laura Design and Co
All Photos via Studio Brunstrum
As life has shifted back into high gear over the last year, with social commitments, a change in work-life balance, and an influx of travel plans and activities, we’ve noticed a corresponding shift in our homes adapting to keep up with our schedules: an increased importance on mudrooms. Our three tips to get the most out of your mudroom:
  1. Utilize every inch of your space. You may be in a smaller condo where your mudroom is really just a large coat closet or you may have a dedicated mudroom space – either way, we recommend maximizing what square footage you do have for closed door storage, shelving units, or cubbies. Creating dedicated space to contain your “stuff” will help life feel less cluttered and keep your mudroom from becoming an unmitigated dumping ground when things get busy.
  2. Make it highly personalized. There is no one size fits all mudroom – it should be tailored to your specific needs. Have kids that play hockey and need space to store their equipment? A cubby space per kid will suit your needs. Indulge a little too much in online shopping? Carve out a space for package storage. Have furry friends? Incorporate their needs into your mudroom space. Whatever it may be – make your storage work for you instead of trying to fit your life into cookie cutter storage.
  3. Add seating. Mudrooms tend to be the point of entry/exit into our homes – which translates into where we put on our shoes, coats, hats/gloves etc. Incorporate a small amount of seating – a bench, a stool – to give yourself and your guests room to comfortably come and go.
Kelsey attended the Steve McCurry “Icons” exhibit while in Portugal and fell in love with his collection of portraits. As a renown photojournalist, best known for his National Geographic cover of “Afghan Girl”, McCurry has fundamentally changed the nature of portrait photography throughout his decades long career. McCurry strives to find the “human element” in all of his work, which is often what makes them so compelling. Inducted into the Photography Hall of Fame in 2019, McCurry has also produced over 23 books with his photographs and created master class workshops for those looking to learn the trade. Check out his work here.
We’re absolutely enamored with Filzfelt’s line of custom hanging panels and wall applications. Made from 100% German wool, Filzfelt produces felt in over 60 colors and 5 thicknesses, lending itself well to wall and floor panels, art installations, wall coverings, soundproof panels, and hanging panels. We think it would be absolutely perfect as a hanging panel in an office or shared multi-use space or as a wallcovering in a kid’s playroom or bedroom!

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow | Gabrielle Zevin
On our end of year to do lists? Find time to read Book of the Month’s Best Book of 2022 and Goodread’s Best Fictional Novel of 2022 – Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin. Described as “a love story, but not one you’ve ever heard before” – this novel follows the intricately woven story of childhood friends Sam and Sadie after they reconnect by happenstance during their senior year of college and quickly create a Blockbuster film, launching them into riches and stardom before they reach 25. Spanning 30 years and multiple cities, we follow Sam and Sadie through fame, betrayal, ambition, possibilities and love as they examine who they are together and apart. (Bonus points: it makes an excellent last minute hostess gift or stocking stuffer for friends and family that like to read).
Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays from the Studio Brunstrum team! We will be closed to spend time with our families between 12/24 and 1/1. We wish you a joyous holiday season and a happy new year – we’ll see you in 2023!
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