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If we take care of the moment, the years will take of themselves.
1 year. 52 weeks. 365 days. 8,760 hours. 525,600 minutes.
Time is a fickle friend; the anniversary of one year in lockdown has sincerely warped my sense of time. It’s hard to fathom that words and phrases like “socially-distanced”, “mask mandate”, and “flatten the curve” weren’t even on our radar at this time last year but have quickly become a part of our everyday vocabularies. That in March of 2020, two weeks seemed like a reasonable amount of time to work from home and Zoom was the new go-to for all occasions – happy hours, birthdays, family dinners. We were “panic buying” toilet paper and Clorox wipes and collectively wondering how to navigate a very uncertain world.
Fast forward one year and I now have more masks than any other item of clothing, we’re all experiencing Zoom fatigue, we have three FDA approved vaccines, we’ve adjusted to working from home and learned to appreciate the beauty of sweatpants, and dare I say, have a sense of hope that the end is in sight.
As I sit here writing this (with the theme song from Rent now accidentally stuck in my head), the sun is shining and I can’t help but reflect on all that has been accomplished, been lost, and been changed in the past year. The days, weeks and months have been an interesting reminder that time always keeps pushing forward – even when it seems like it won’t. I’ve been reminded of the beauty of tomorrow – the promise that sun the will rise, the earth will turn and there will be hope for another day.
To the tomorrows!
Susan, Kelsey, and Patti
The Studio Brunstrum Team
Think Pink
Bright Pink. Spring is usually marked by an influx of pastel – not this year! Bright pink is making a splash on the virtual runways and we’re expecting it to transition to homes as well. This particular hue feels like the sophisticated version of millennial pink – it’s fun, sassy, and plays well with others. Mix it with earthy greens, light blues or navy to ground the color, or amp up the volume with yellow or red! We think it would be best used as an accent but wouldn’t say no to a power pink powder room or entryway!

Photos (left to right): Unknown, Christopher John Rogers
Consider Us Floored. 
“Floor” Art. I’ve always been a big fan of what I call “floor” art. Walls shouldn’t be the only spaces that are visually exciting – art can go anywhere! Creating a series of vignettes throughout your home with large books, accessories, sculptures, oversize vases, plants, and yes, floor art (artwork leaned against a wall or furniture piece), will keep your space layered and interesting from floor to ceiling. As a bonus? It’s a great excuse to invest in more art – even when your walls are already filled!

Photos (left to right): Lonny Magazine, Studio Brunstrum
Beachy Keen
Wicker and Rattan. Wicker and rattan have always given off a beachy, island vibe, so it’s no surprise these materials are surging in popularity when we’re stuck at home and dreaming of our next vacations. No longer relegated to outdoor spaces, the texture of both materials adds stunning, earthy interest – especially when mixed with more modern materials like acrylic, metal or cement. We’re loving that the wicker and rattan furniture pieces we’re seeing come in more than just natural hues, making use of bright colors as a fun take on the classics.

Photos (left to right): Azzuro Living, Oomph!
Shape Shifter
Geometric seating. The future is calling and we’re more than happy to answer! Say goodbye to mid-century modern and hello to jaw-dropping sculptural pieces. We’ve always been a fan of the statement seat, but it’s just gotten a serious upgrade. The shape of the seat has now become the focal point, with the limits being tested as to what we can consider a “seat”. The modern and geometric shapes we’ve been seeing take what’s normally a functional element of a room and make it a piece of art. Our advice? If you’re going to make a statement, make a big one and pair it with a bold, fun fabric!

Photos (left to right): Chairish, Nayef Francis
All Photos via Studio Brunstrum
Headboards can make or break a bedroom; by the time you add the linens and pillows, the bed becomes the primary focal point, so if the headboard doesn’t quite fit, it’s very noticeable. Height should always be the deciding factor of the perfect headboard, taking into account the height of the room, height of nightstands, lamps and artwork. The proportion between all those pieces is key – and we often find people buy them too short. The other mistake people often make? Buying something boring! There are lots of ways to be creative with headboards (leather, raffia, wood, upholstered, metal) and it’s nice to mix it up so it doesn’t feel too “matchy-matchy” with the rest of your furnishings. We like to use the headboard (or entire bed i.e. headboard and footboard) as a statement. Opt for a more interesting headboard and cleaner linens for a bedroom that’s equal parts cozy and beautiful.
As cities slowly start to open, we’re thrilled that we can once again attend museums and galleries in person! Both the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Institute opened this past weekend in Chicago and I was so excited that I was one of the first patrons at the MCA. The Long Dream Exhibit was breathtaking, boasting a collection of 70+ emerging and established Chicago artists depicting how they see our future across time and mediums. I’m eager to get tickets for the Art Institute to see both the Monet and Bisa Butler exhibitions. I know where I’ll be spending my weekends as we wait for warmer weather!
We wouldn’t be the firm we are without our array of trusted service providers and design professionals – some we’ve had relationships with since our first year in business! Nancy Schnell of Fairy Dust Creations is one of those partners; as our go-to trusted specialty painter, we’ve worked with her on so many projects over the last two decades we’ve lost count. From a silver croc-ceiling, to a custom nautical themed wall, to a fringed, burlap room – Nancy’s handled our craziest requests and is the only person we trust to help our visions come to life. Her creativity, attention to detail, and craftsmanship make her an excellent specialty painter, but a work relationship turned lasting friendship makes her irreplaceable.
You had us at pebble grained leather. The Richter Chest from Julian Chichester is the perfect modern take on a classic. The design of the three-drawer chest and subtle brass detailing feel inherently Parisian, while the pebble grained leather finish options give it that extra oomph or je ne sais quoi. Classic, functional, with a hint of personality – tres chic!
Home Body – Rupi Kaur.
We’ve been fans of Rupi Kaur since her debut book of poetry, Milk and Honey, was published in 2014. A poet, artist, feminist, and true bad-ass Rupi’s words are poignant, timely, and steeped in emotion. Her third release, Home Body, was everything we expected and more. Touching on love, loss, healing, femininity, migration and everything in between, we were moved to tears by more than one poem in the book, while others had us wanting to celebrate the world, ourselves, our friends and family. We highly recommend Home Body for when you need a minute to yourself throughout the day- it’s easy to flip through and find one or two poems you’ll connect with. We also encourage you to follow her on Instagram – she posts a poem almost everyday for a feel-good pick me up on your feed.
Good Housekeeping Article
Thank you to the team at Good Housekeeping for including us in the round-up of “27 Black Bedrooms That Are Dramatic Perfection”. We always love to amp up the attitude when the space calls for it! Dramatic, bold, and masculine – a winning combo!
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