We started writing our Daily and Weekly Reverie Journals at the start of the pandemic as a way to connect with others while in the early days of isolation, but they also became a way for us to work through our own emotions and put the thoughts and feelings we were dealing with on paper. These newsletters, while often design focused, have truly become journals for us and we’ve loved sharing more insights into Studio Brunstrum and ourselves with you. We’ve made an effort to make sure our messages don’t only focus on the bright and shiny, because that would be an unrealistic depiction of day-to-day life. We wanted these thoughts to be real and raw, helping us connect with you and meet us where we are in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.
We’ve all experienced an immense amount of loss, frustration and sadness in the past few years, and many of us have lost someone close to us – both Covid and non-Covid related. We recently lost my father (Kelsey’s grandfather) at the start of the new year and have been processing that grief in the past week. When we sat down to write this week’s journal, focusing on something happy or new just didn’t seem to meet our mindset. It was Kelsey’s eulogy for my father that inspired our Reverie this week – Lessons from my Grandfather. We thought it was a brilliant way to keep his legacy alive, share a laugh about past memories, and help us continue to connect with others. Maybe this week’s Reverie will remind you of a loved one, will help you find a silver lining in a storm, or will simply give you a laugh. We hope you enjoy Three Lessons from my Grandfather.

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