Welcome to the April 2022 Newsletter 
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Welcome to our April Newsletter and to introduce our new logo and website, we hope it finds you all in good spirits and looking forward to a better and brighter year.
The sights and smells of Spring is a lovely time of the year and the birdsong is lovely to hear again as they busy themselves with courtship and nest building, it's my favourite time of the year I love it. 
New Public  Website
The site is active and you are very welcome to visit it and leave comments.
If some  things don't  work quite as you expected please let us know.

Web Editor vU3A
Science in the vU3A site
'As co-ordinator of the science and technology area ever since the vU3A started more than ten yours ago I have always tried to operate the pages on a reactive basis to allow members to introduce the topics and questions that they were interested in rather than dominate the pages with my own interests.  Over the years a wide range of subjects have developed and I would like to introduce a few on a regular basis via this newsletter.'
Ian Kimber -  Ask the Scientist 

The untold history of six female war correspondents

On August 28, 1939, a 27-year-old woman from Leicestershire drove across the Polish border for ‘a shopping trip’ to Germany.

The previous day Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain had warned Hitler that an invasion of Poland would be defended by the British and most Poles believed that would keep them safe. But novice reporter Clare Hollingworth wasn’t convinced and she was determined to take a closer look.....Read on

British National Tea Day
On Thursday the 21st April we celebrate National Tea Day, our drink of choice for the past two centuries.
There are about 1500 types of tea that all serve a different purpose from jumpstarting the day all the way to sleepy time.
Whatever your choice of tea on the 21st April take five minutes to put your feet up and relax with your favourite brew.
National Tea Day 

Shakespeare Day in the United Kingdom
Many fans and enthusiasts of William Shakespeare, who was one of England’s greatest poets and dramatists, celebrate National Shakespeare Day, also known as Shakespeare Day, on April 23 each year. April 23 is also St George’s Day and the United Nations’ World Book and Copyright Day, which was a natural choice to pay a worldwide tribute to writers such as Shakespeare.

 Sonnet 98
William Shakespeare   

One of the sonnets addressed to the ‘Fair Youth’, this poem sees Shakespeare bemoaning the fact that he could not appreciate all the beauty of spring around him because he was absent from the young man. As a consequence, spring seemed like a winter to him. This is not as famous as, say, Sonnet 18 (‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?’), which is a shame – it’s a wonderful evocation of spring and, as with Tennyson, it’s a bittersweet poem about the season.  Read on

The Mystery of Seahenge
For 4,000 years it lay hidden beneath the Norfolk sands a mysterious structure, known as Seahenge, it will go on display for the first time.  It will form part of the British Museum's 'The World of Stonehenge' exhibition.  The structure consists of 54 wooden posts 10ft high stood lashed into a circle. The Carbon dating and tree rings date Seahenge as being built in 2049 BC.  The structure lay undiscovered until a storm blew away the dunes on a Norfolk beach in 1998......   Read on
Want to learn HTML? 
HTML is a great place to start if you would like to have a go at coding as you can see your results straight away.
At freeCodeCamp they have published a new HTML course that will introduce you to elements, semantic tags, tables, and more. (4 hour YouTube course):

Care and Health Apps

The NHS has promised a digital revolution to transform patient care. Wider use of technology is at the centre of a ten-year plan to reduce ill health by developing digital tools the public can use to better manage illness.
Good health takes a look at some health apps that could boost older people’s health.
Read on to find out more  If you have used any of these and would like to share with us your experience then email me at

A Note about our Public Wiki  - It's a great way of discovering how we use the Wiki and what you find on there is the same as our Members Wiki, but, there is a lot more of it!
The link above will take you to the Front page and if you look down the right hand side there is the sidebar which contains the Groups list, well a small sample of it, all the links are hyperlinks so click on Creative Writing, History, or Poetry Corner, for example, and it will take you to the index page for that group, and so on.
Why not give it a go!
Useful Websites  - connecting with members of U3As throughout the world
U3A Communities - They share an interest in the use of technology to enhance the U3A experience
U3A Online   delivering online learning via the Internet, from Australia
Webopedia  -  Extremely useful site if you are struggling with computer jargon
Age UK   - The UK largest charity working with older people
Citizen Advice - For a wealth of very useful information 
The Old Farmers Almanac - If you love Gardening you will love this site.
Glaucoma - The international Glaucoma Association
Stroke - NHS Choices 
Tinnitus - NHS Choices
Bowel Cancer UK or NHS UK - Bowel Cancer
NHS UK Dementia Guide 
Prostate Cancer 
Resources for Older People - Provide useful leaflets and advice.
VirusTotal - Free online service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware.
TrueKey  or LastPass Sign in without passwords.
Everplan - How to handle the digital life that you’ll leave behind, very informative. 
Elder Gym for those moments when you feel a bit of exercise is just what's needed!!
Excel easy - Tutorials on how to use Excel, related examples and features (300 Examples) and it's 100% free.
And don't forget,  If you find something of interest in this e-newsletter or previous ones, then you will most certainly find something to interest you on our Private Wiki.  
If on the other hand you have something to offer then why not  join us  and share it, and if you want to, get it published.

See you on the wiki soon.

        Take care and keep safe
Ann vU3A Team
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