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Online support you should know about! The closure of some University of Toronto Libraries buildings has opened up a world of online support and e-resources available to the University of Toronto faculty, students and staff. Check us out for ongoing updates or read past issues of Your Library is Working (YLIW) here.

National AccessAbility Week

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May 30 to June 5 is National AccessAbility Week! The IRHR Library has curated a reading list to get you thinking and reading about accessibility in the workplace. Check it out here on our Instagram,and check out NAAW Events at U of T.

News from CIRHR and the IRHR Library 

Find the CIRHR at LERA 2021

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“The LERA 73rd Annual Meeting will take place online this year from June 5 to 8, 2021. "A Transformational Moment? Work, Worker Power, and the Workplace in an Era of Division and Disruption" will feature numerous faculty, students, alumni and friends of the CIRHR.” Check out highlights of where to find the CIRHR community here.

Research Impact Series Scopus Session Recording Now Available

Did you miss our kick off to our Research Impact Series? Catch the recording of our session on Scopus on the IRHR Library Quercus site. Stay tuned for information on upcoming sessions in this series to be announced soon! 

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The Way Things Work

Library Service Profile

As the University of Toronto Libraries continue to adapt services to meet the information needs of our community, we’re providing detailed overviews of new and useful programs.  

Shut Up and Write (Weekly Summer sessions)

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"Having trouble with finding the time and motivation to write? Shut Up and Write is a chance for academic writers within the UofT community to write productively in a communal setting.

The sessions will follow the Pomodoro technique where there will be a sequence of short sprints of writing with a few breaks in between.

Bring your work (laptop or paper) and we'll help you with your productivity!” Find upcoming dates and register here.

On Our Radar

Centering Disability & Accessibility in Curriculum Design

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“In our final session of the week, we will focus on ways to make education both accessible and inclusive. We will learn from educators who have brought disability and difference into the classroom to create inclusive and person-centred curriculum. Our presenters will highlight how educators can collaboratively create courses with community members using co-design principles and how to implement accessible course design to ensure those courses ensure all learners call fully participate. Attendees will leave this session with new perspective on how design and deliver a curriculum that is truly inclusive.” June 4, 2021, 11:00am - 12:30pm. Register and find out more here

Surviving University Online While Living with Family

“Being a university student is challenging...and being a university student surrounded by family members can be even more interesting and sometimes challenging. Whether you are a caregiver or parent and/or surrounded by parents, siblings, and others, it can be challenging to balance you own expectations and commitments for school with those of others in your home.

This session will offer helpful and productive ways to navigate home relationships as a student and will connect you to university supports and resources to help you balance your home and life commitments” June 3, 2021, 10:00 am to 12:30 pm. Register and find out more here.


Spring-themed Colouring Pages

"Break out your favourite crayons, coloured pencils, markers, pastels, or whatever your heart desires and get creative! To help you relax after a long, stressful semester, we have created some Spring-themed colouring pages for you from our Kathleen Parlow fonds.”  Find out more and download colouring pages here.

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Spotlight on University of Toronto community COVID-19 supports    

Visit the Big List of University of Toronto COVID-19 Pages by Cate MacLeod, CIRHR Communications, for U of T COVID-19 updates for staff, students, and faculty. 

Highlight from the tumblr: work&labour news&research

The latest information in Industrial Relations and Human Resources, from the CIRHR Library at the University of Toronto. Stories from the tumblr are collected weekly in PWR: work&labour news&research. Subscribe here.

Long Working Hours Killing 745,000 People a Year, Study Finds

Photo Source: (2021). Long working hours killing 745,000 people a year, study finds [Photograph]. BBC News.

“Long working hours are killing hundreds of thousands of people a year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The first global study of its kind showed 745,000 people died in 2016 from stroke and heart disease due to long hours. The report found that people living in South East Asia and the Western Pacific region were the most affected. The WHO also said the trend may worsen due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

“The research found that working 55 hours or more a week was associated with a 35% higher risk of stroke and a 17% higher risk of dying from heart disease, compared with a working week of 35 to 40 hours. The study, conducted with the International Labour Organization (ILO), also showed almost three quarters of those that died as a result of working long hours were middle-aged or older men. Often, the deaths occurred much later in life, sometimes decades later, than the long hours were worked.”

“The report said working long hours was estimated to be responsible for about a third of all work-related disease, making it the largest occupational disease burden. The researchers said that there were two ways longer working hours led to poor health outcomes: firstly through direct physiological responses to stress, and secondly because longer hours meant workers were more likely to adopt health-harming behaviours such as tobacco and alcohol use, less sleep and exercise, and an unhealthy diet.”

BBC News, May 17, 2021: “Long working hours killing 745,000 people a year, study finds”

ILO Newsroom, May 17, 2021: “Long working hours can increase deaths from heart disease and stroke, say ILO and WHO”

Pega, F. et al. (2021). Global, regional, and national burdens of ischemic heart disease and stroke attributable to exposure to long working hours for 194 countries, 2000–2016: A systematic analysis from the WHO/ILO Joint Estimates of the Work-related Burden of Disease and Injury. Environment International, in press. (15 pages, PDF)

Statistics Canada Perspectives on Labour and Income, March 8, 2000: “Long working hours and health,” by Margot Shields (8 pages, PDF)

Upcoming Events and Announcements

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