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You are cordially invited to the preview of a

new photography exhibition exploring the past and present townscape of Dumfries.

The project has been created by CPA and the event is hosted by

The Usual Place

Thursday 9th March

at 7pm

The Usual Place

Dumfries DG1 1BZ

Drinks and Canapes

Change sometimes happens drastically, and sometimes it is subtle.

The purpose of this project is to show not only how much Dumfries has changed over the last century but also how much it has not.

In some areas 'change' has included whole scale demolition, where as in others it has been confined to basic aesthetics. The majority of buildings are still in place although repurposed or somewhat altered. By merging the images as an overlay sometimes the changes are not visible until examined more closely or the location of the area is recognised by the viewer.

The vintage images capture people, now long gone, in a moment of time, but either by chance or design their presence has left a shadow as a record that they worked, shopped, lived or simply passed through the area photographed.

The criteria for the project were that all ‘now’ images were taken on iPhone and had to be edited within two minutes. This contrasts with the vintage photographs which would have taken significant time to both set-up and then process.