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Allow us to introduce #StarkTips. 
#StarkTips is a monthly series where you’ll get insights from Stark Crew about the ins and outs of all the processes that are part of making a video.
Why'd we decide to roll this series out? As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and we want to give you the information you need to know about how your video partners here at Stark Crew work, just to keep everyone as happy as possible. 

Making video is so much more than taking a camera and shooting the footage. With any video, from a micro-documentary and other clips made by Stark Crew to Hollywood blockbusters with budgets that are close to the hundreds of millions of dollars, there are lots of little details and moving parts. On the projects we work on, we have multiple stakeholders that are often spread out across the world, which certainly adds some complexity to the process. But that doesn’t mean it has to be painful!

To let you rest easily in the post-production stage, we sat down with out post-production tour de force, Ainhoa Andraka, to give you the scoop on what you need to know about post-production
Read on.

While it may seem absurd, our favorite content providers and airlines have more in common than you may think-beyond the fact that they’re both places where you have plenty of content from other content producers to choose from on one central portal.

Kristina Velan from Apex summarizes the common thread between airlines and our most beloved video streaming services like this:

"The race to hyper-exclusivity among streaming media providers is not unlike the one faced by the airline industry. When the baseline product is the same, competitive differentiation – be it free snacks, added legroom or exclusive content – can be enough to sway customers away from competitors. And, with a long history as suppliers of fresh entertainment offerings, the notion that airlines may follow a similar plotline and evolve from content purveyors to content producers is not that hard to imagine.

While Netflix has House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, Narcos, The Crown, Making a Murderer, and more, the content produced by airlines is varied-with some common denominators across the industry. Now, what are airlines doing exactly? There's only one way to find out: Read on.


9 Facebook Live for Business Examples You've Got to See: Facebook Live is becoming more and more omnipresent not only in videos strategy, but in video strategy overall. Facebook Live makes video streaming incredibly easy-all you need is a smartphone. So why even bother with Facebook Live? Here's the compelling rationale according to Impact Branding and Design's Christine Austin

"One of the most amazing opportunities Facebook Live offers is the ability to engage with your followers. With reactions, comments, and viewer numbers shown in real-time, you can prompt responses by asking and answering questions in your broadcast. 

Facebook's newsfeed algorithm also favors Live videos so if you've got an important message to get out, this is likely a better option than a traditional text update."

Now you're convinced, but don't know where to start? Check out these nine Facebook Live best practices you can use as a launch point for your own foray into Facebook Live.   Impact Branding and Design.

Facebook May Have Just Ushered in a New Era for Mobile Video. 

For the longest time, Facebook's official posture was that it was a tech company. But in a talk with COO Sheryl Sandberg in December, Mark Zuckerberg made some remarks that some claim that Facebook is finally accepting its status as a media company:
  • Facebook is a new kind of platform. It’s not a traditional technology company. It’s not a traditional media company… We don’t write the news that people read on the platform. But at the same time, we also know that we do a lot more than just distribute news, and we’re an important part of the public discourse.
Besides that, Facebook has been making moves, from hiring Campbell Brown as the Head of News Partnerships and its efforts to create products and training for journalists and audiences under "The Facebook Journalism Project." How does this change Facebook's role as a video platform? Read on.
Expedia strategically debuted its latest ad during CNN's coverage of Donald Trump's inauguration. And after watching it you'll see it was no coincidence. 180LA created a beautifully-crafted ad for any time period, but its resonance is even greater now. This excerpt from the Ad Week masterfully demonstrates what this moving and beautiful video succeeds in doing:

“We believe that travel has the power to transform you and shape your views of the world,” said Vic Walia, senior director of brand marketing at Expedia. “We believe that the more each of us travel and peek over our neighbor’s fence, we learn that we have more in common than we have different. Our hope is that everyone can take this day to reflect on how they can connect to their neighbors across the country and around the world.”
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