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“If you need an easy-to-work with team that can produce engaging global interviews anywhere in the world, anytime, don´t even think about it. Call Stark Crew. We know we will!” – Siri Hirzel, Marketing Manager Switzerland, UBER
We've made a video in partnership with Uber and the teaser of the final project just came out. We filmed Revolution editor-in-chief Sophie Furley playing Uber driver to Zenith Watches CEO Mr. Biver in Basel, Switzerland. Click the image to watch! 

Stark Crew started out as a very general global video production company, but over the years we’ve evolved into a very niche global video production company.

What’s our niche? Two words: Global Video Interviews.

The future of Stark Crew is going to be more specialized in global interviews. Client testimonials, C-Suite level thought leadership, and expert/influencer insights.

So when you think of Stark Crew, think “GLOBAL INTERVIEWS.”  Read on. 

You have your video strategy ready to go to make sure it generates results and now it’s time to consider where you want to put your resources as you distribute video. Back in January, we looked at the state of Facebook and YouTube as the dominant video platforms of the year. We gave our recommendations on which video platform to rely based on different goals your video might have because Facebook and YouTube favor different objectives. Now, there’s another point of contention that is making us come back and visit the video platform question, and it’s something that we want to break down for you. It’s called native video.

Why should you care? Native video is outperforming any other type of video on Facebook, by far. And for brands looking for greater engagement and more organic reach, you need start uploading native video to Facebook. Stat.  Read on.


What Ted Baker has learned from shoppable video so far:

 While some brands have attempted 360° videos that will be released and then all will go quiet once the initial clip comes out, Ted Baker is certainly an exception. Their latest release for the Spring/Summer 2017 collection, Meet the Bakers is an evolution of all that the brand has learned in their various iterations of this medium. 

Why did they go 360?

According to Brand Communication Director Craig Smith:

  • "While the linear format has worked well for the company previously, shooting in 360 degrees was a creative ambition for the team; using a specialist production agency was invaluable to the brand during the process, said Smith. For example, it was necessary to know how to construct a set that would span six different rooms in the video and ensuring all views are cohesive and on-brand.
  • Smith said Ted Baker’s previous videos succeeded in driving sales for the brand (though Ted Baker could not provide figures). However, the format has use beyond sales in pushing engagement and also traffic to its site, and those of its partners. “We wouldn’t have just done it to sell more products because there are simpler ways to do that that aren’t as interesting,” said Smith."

See just how else Ted Baker has succeeded in capitalizing on the video, and then dive in an watch it for yourself.  Digiday. Read on.

Production vs. Performance Metrics: The Key to ‘Moneyball’-Style Content Planning

We've mentioned how important it is to find the right KPIs to ensure that your video marketing strategy gets the desired results. And we all know that measurement is one of the biggest obsessions in management. But, is there something from the Moneyball approach we can take from content marketing? 

According to Contently's Joe Lazauskas, yes, we can. And here's why:

"According to a TrackMaven study, branded content production is up 35 percent, but engagement is down 17 percent. Some would say this is a sign that content marketing is getting less effective. But I’d make a different argument: A lot of marketers don’t do a very good job of evaluating their content and doubling down on what is effective."

Lazauskas says that many of his enthusiastic clients come to him wanting to plan out the full content marketing calendar for the year but Lazauskas prefers to initially map out three months. Why, you may ask? It all has to do with the same analytical philosophy that made the Oakland Athletics succeed, inspire Moneyball, and make sure we don't waste time or money on pieces of content that aren't going to work. ContentlyRead on.
This video makes us want to go visit Toronto, bringing true artistic flair to what could just be another tourism video. As the use of Nina Simone's I Put A Spell On You in the soundtrack implies, you'll be entranced with the view of Toronto you'll find in the video. 102.1 The Edge.
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