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You've told us about your challenges with global video and we've listened. Stark Crew has learned from our clients, partners, and friends like you in order to improve the help we provide to overcome challenges.  We've worked with you - some of the world's biggest corporations and the most innovative start ups. You've told us your stories from the video providers you worked with before meeting us here at Stark Crew, and we've learned that these were the challenges that many of you faced before meeting us. Read on.

No matter the marketing deliverables, you need a brief to have all details clear from the get-go. In our experience, the projects that run the smoothest have two common characteristics: they have all the details down pat from the get-go and the number of videos for the project is cemented clearly. So, how is making video different from any other project in which a brief is required? 

The same thinking applies, believe or not, but for the things we know our clients don't come in knowing, we've got you covered. We've made your very own production brief you can use (walking you through the process from one of our favorite characters from Arrested Development): Read on and download the brief.

The Super Bowl is the event with the most expensive ad space in the US market. The companies that vie for and get spots to be aired during this game reap major rewards, as long as the commercials are well done. Many Americans, myself included, view the commercials (as well as the halftime show) the points most worthy of our attention. Especially since my New York Giants lost in the first round of the playoffs. 

Watch our top five here: Read on.


B2B Paid Content Distribution: Facebook vs. LinkedIn:

When we think of B2B and paid content distribution, the norm is to say that it's only worth using LinkedIn. Yes, we know that LinkedIn gives B2B marketers an unenviable targeting to get the leads you need: 

"But B2B marketers don’t eschew other social networks just because they love the targeting LinkedIn provides. They also believe users won’t be interested in work-related content on other social networks—particularly Facebook."

Despite that, there are some benefits for B2B paid content distribution: 

  •  "Over 90 percent of all content sharing occurs on Facebook, compared to just 2.5 percent for LinkedIn."
  • "The incredible amount of time that people spend on Facebook (50 minutes per day) means that Facebook has a supply of attention that no competitor can match."

Ready to go? Check out just where in the funnel you can integrate Facebook into your B2B Paid Content Distribution.  Read on.

Why Comedy Central Is Replacing Commercials With Branded Content. 

Traditional TV advertising's in trouble. With more things to pay attention to during commercial breaks, like our Facebook and Instagram feeds, it's no surprising that a 2014 Harvard Business Review study found that only less than 20% of ads are viewed in their entirety, while in the early 90's it was 97%. So now, how has Comedy Central decided to change gears?

"That’s why Comedy Central has decided enough is enough—it wants to keep viewers hooked, even during its commercial breaks. Now, instead of a series of short spots, the network has started airing a custom two-and-half minute “linear commercial pod” once per month.

In other words, Comedy Central is experimenting with the televised version of branded content."

It's not just Comedy Central. Saturday Night Live's also jumping on the bandwagon. What does the branded content revolution look like?  Read on.
While the population of the United States is half female, they're incredibly underrepresented when it comes to monuments: 92% of all of America's outdoor monuments honor men. How do you make people conscious of this? By taking a simple idea, of having girls try to name things that have been named after women, this lack of representation is simply and beautifully highlighted. Ad Week interviewed the team from BBDO Worldwide that made the video for its debut at the 2017 Makers Conference. According to BBDO New York President Kristen Flanik: 
“We were really inspired by this year’s #BEBOLD theme, and we wanted to announce a bold idea that could leverage the power and influence of the people in the room to help create change. There’s never been a more important time to press the issue of gender equality...We thought it was a story that needed to be told more broadly...If girls can’t see it, they can’t be it.”
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