"Beauty Meets Engineering:
Meet the Stanleys!"
with Dr. Bobbi A. Stanley, DDS, DICOI, FLVI, MAGD

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"Beauty Meets Engineering "
Listen as we discuss "Beauty Meets Engineering" with Dr. Bobbi A. Stanley, DDS, DICOI, FLVI, MAGD for our StellaLife Innovators Series.
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Great News!

Additional Microchem Labs antimicrobial studies on Coconut Rinse and Peppermint Rinse revealed excellent results: 
  • NEW: Microorganisms: S. mutans, B. fragilis, C. albicans. Independent Microchem Lab study using the StellaLife® VEGA® Oral Care Coconut Rinse demonstrated a kill of <98.13%, <99.96, <99.32%  (download results)
  • NEW: Microorganisms: S. mutans, B. fragilis. Independent Microchem Lab study using the StellaLife® VEGA® Oral Care Peppermint Rinse demonstrated a kill of >99.9989%% and >99.99991% (download results)
  • Microorganism: P. gingivalis ATCC 33277. Independent Microchem Lab study using the StellaLife® VEGA® Oral Care Peppermint Rinse demonstrated a kill of 99.9998% (download)
  • HUMAN CORONAVIRUS Independent Microchem Lab using the StellaLife Rinse against human coronavirus strain 229E, ATCC VR-740 demonstrated a kill of 99.82% in viral titer (download full study)  

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