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Cherish Your Gift
Reginald Bullard
Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. (Psalm 127:3, NLT)

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending our youngest daughter’s dance performance.  Afterwards, she shared with my wife and me that some of her peers questioned my appearance at the event, and wondered why I was the primary driver to all of the weekly rehearsals.  Some asked if my wife and I were married (as opposed to co-parenting through divorce, I suppose), how I can relate so well to their moms, even questioning my sexuality! The truth is that my wife and I are a team and we believe in the “divide-and-conquer” rule when it comes to supporting our children.  We both have traveled to every event to be the cheerleaders.  However, I really love to drive (especially in my new-to-me car!) and I enjoy giving my best friend a well- deserved break on the weekends.

Most of the parent-couples fit into a stereotypical dance culture where there are very few men who attend the rehearsals and even the performances. It really saddens me that a mom is always there, but there isn’t a supportive dad to attend these events. During this month of February, we focus on Valentine’s Day and how we show love to our spouse.  Maybe as men we can show our affections by expanding our roles as father and husband.  Please know that I do not write to negate the sacrifices of fathers who must work or take care of elderly parents or other relatives.  I salute you!

Ephesians 5:25 says that “we should love our wives, just as Christ gave himself up for her.”  We should be willing to sacrifice our own desires as an act of love. Also, our children should experience an attitude of Psalm 127:3 from their fathers.  They are an inheritance from the Lord and should be treated as such.  Will your child remember those sacrificial acts in attending events or practices? Absolutely! Though my days of traveling with the university marching band were over 30 years ago, I still remember the specific games my parents attended.
I would challenge you during this Valentine’s season to discuss the effective roles you can play for your spouse and your children.

As we transition from February, known to many as Black History Month, and into March, familiar to some as Women's History Month, there is no reason to discontinue your studies. Dr. Mae Jemison is a physician, an astronaut, a ballerina, and an activist for causes such as childhood malnutrition. She is one of many examples of excellence from women and racial minorities.

This free coloring page is a part of the history short "Five Flying Females: Women in Space," available on our website at the following link: If you are looking for a brief, captivating look at African American women in space, this podcast is just the product for you! 


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