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In addition to Animal Communication consultations and energy healing sessions, I am offering more classes in Integrated Energy Therapy. Please consider joining us. Images this month are from my visit to Thailand, where among other animals, I spent time with the Mighty Elephant Nation.

Are you ready to take the next step in your healing?

As always, it's a privilege and an honor to be your animal communicator and energy practitioner.  More classes in  IET (Integrated Energy Therapy)  will be offered in June. In case any of you missed the Level 1 class or IET for Animals class, they are being offered once more.  I have found IET especially helpful in alleviating stress and anxiety, relieving fears, and deepening our connections with our Angels and Archangels and our life purpose. Never underestimate the power of connecting with your angels to heal your life and fully realize living your life's purpose. This is a wonderful technique that utilizes bringing in the energy of Angels and Archangels to clear and energize specific energy centers, so you can  "get the issues out of the tissues, for good". In Level 1 and 2 IET classes, you will receive “energy attunements” that will permanently open your energy field to the power of Integrated Energy Therapy, and all these classes will deepen your relationship with your Angels and your animals.
Basic Level IET
"Get the issues out of your tissues for good”
This basic training class is a one day class that provides you with an:
Attunement to the Basic IET energy ray that will activate the 1st and 2nd DNA pairs and will empower you to energize and integrate cellular memory blocks.
Location and use of the IET energy integration power points.
Introduction to Energy Anatomy and the Cellular Memory Map.
Increase in your ability to be an energy intuitive and “read” energy.
Abundance Exchange: $225 June 17 Stockton NJ Prerequisite: none

Integrated Energy Therapy for Animals
"Effective tools to clear and strengthen your animal's energy field with the energy of Angels"
This class will bring you to a place of deeper connection with your animal and give you new tools to clear, strengthen and harmonize their energy and yours with the Healing Angels. June 18 Abundance Exchange $225 Stockton NJ  Prerequisite: Basic IET
Intermediate Level IET
“Clear your karmic habit patterns and limiting thinking”
Our intermediate training is a one day class that provides you with an
Attunement to Intermediate IET energy ray that will activate the 3rd and 4th DNA pairs and will empower you to pull energy imprints out of the human energy field.
Learn to clear energy imprints resulting from past life karma.
Methods to “esoterically dowse” and interpret the blockages in the human energy field.
Abundance Exchange: $250  June 24  Stockton NJ
Prerequisite:Basic IET

Healing Angels of the Energy Field
“Simple effective ways to connect with the Angels whom so lovingly want to work with you”
Discover the special healing gifts that each of the 9 Angels of the Energy Field bring and invite them into your life to support you in your healing journey.  June 25th Abundance Exchange $200 Stockton NJ Prerequisite: None
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Remember to check in with your animals regularly.

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Thailand was a wonder-filled visit for me

Whether you are here in the USA or abroad, animals fill our lives with wonder, love and grace. Return the favor by learning to work energetically with them and schedule regular consultations to listen to their voices.

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