Happy month of Thanksgiving!

I'm grateful for so many things in my life, and one of the most recent and biggest things for me personally is the arrival this past year of my grandson! It's a great idea to remember what each of us are grateful for every day, and Thanksgiving reminds us to do just that.
So, in honor of this month of gratitude, I'm rolling back the fee for gift certificates purchased this month, to this past years' prices of $125 for a half hour, $188 for a 45 minute session, $250 for an hour. I generally advise 45 minutes for a new client. Gift certificates must be used within 3 months from date of issue. And, best of all, you can purchase a gift certificate for yourself! If you want to get a session in December or early 2020 for last years' prices, this is the way! Just be sure to purchase by the last day of November 2019. I hope this communicates how grateful I am for each one of my wonderful clients.

precious babies, amazing animals, and wonderful people.

Jack the Dog, and what he had to say after he crossed over...
Read about Jack in my newest blog post
And, as one generation arrives, others leave. Some of you ask me if you can speak with animals who have crossed over, to help you come to terms with the loss and your grief. The answer is yes, and you can  check out my blog post about Jack the dog, who communicated some thoughts on life, soon after he had crossed over. These are the ideas that Jack wanted to pass on, to help others still on this earth. Press the "Read More" link below to read Jack's words after his death, or go to   While you're there, you can subscribe to my blog if you want to get notified whenever new posts are available.
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I'm working on classes for 2020

Let me know any classes you'd like to see be offered next year! We had two great classes at the New Hope Community School this autumn, and we are always trying to share tools for people and animals to get more out of life.  Check this page for class notifications, which will be updated as they form.

Tip of the Day

I find children and animals are some of the best reminders of how to approach life. If we all were a little more childlike or lived in the moment the way they do, many of our stresses would melt away and life would generally become all around more enjoyable. Remember what Jesus said about the little children. Even the way they breath is better than the way most adults do! Practice imitating and especially breathing like your  favorite dog, cat or baby (mine is pictured here) and you've started on the path of relaxing into a life well lived, enjoying every moment possible. Most of all, slow down and take a moment each day to think of all the things you're grateful for to warm your heart.


I am planning to make another batch of Miracle Cream, made with all natural and organic ingredients such as Organic coconut oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, distilled water and beeswax. Sometimes I add essential oils, but often leave it naturally scented from the wonderful aromas of coconut and olive oil. If anyone wants to pre-order some for Christmas gifts, the cost is $12 for 1 oz and $20 for 2 oz jar, plus applicable shipping. Order by Dec. 1st for Christmas delivery.

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