While the "10 Concerts" Facebook game has overstayed its welcome, It was initially fun - and I have been really enjoying the other lists of 10 (or more) that it has inspired so many to write. In response I wrote my own list to share — and in the immortal words of Spinal Tap, mine "goes to 11"!
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Top "11" List
Please click the image here to read my "Top 11" revised advocacy goals!  I'd love to hear what your goals are too (if you would like to share, please post a comment on my "Goals" blog post)!

Thank you! [You might find there are other like-minded folks in my readers list interested in helping you meet your goals too!]

International Impact?
Last week I filled out a survey that was sent to lead poisoning prevention advocates around the country.  One of the questions asked if your advocacy reach was local, national or international. I clicked "International" - knowing I help and work with families in Australia, Mexico and 
England on a regular basis. Then for fun, I reviewed some of my stats (from MailChimp and Facebook) – and I was pleasantly surprised to get a fuller sense of the international reach of my work (thanks 100% to all of you who read and share my posts with your friends all over the world). The most popular four cities for folks who read my posts aren't even in the United States! Click here to check out where you are helping the message of childhood lead poisoning prevention be heard!  Click here to see where the folks who read this newsletter live! Thank you for reading and for sharing!
Lead In Schools!
Those of you who know me personally (and many of you do) know how passionate I am about the issue of lead in schools. I'm furious about it. It impacts my own family every day of our lives personally – and constitutes a huge piece of my advocacy efforts. It is also featured in my film.  Right now Portland has a school bond up for a vote. This focus of the political promotion being made to drum up support for the bond is lead in schools, and specifically lead-in-the-school water... with a side of "paint is a concern too."  I have a LOT to say about this issue (the issue of the election and the potential allocation of expenses should the bond pass, as well as the critical need for competent, independent oversight that will be required to implement the promised remediation efforts) – and will be writing a post about it over the next couple of days. Stay tuned! In the meantime, click the image to see the full campaign brochure we got in the mail yesterday!

How you can help:
I'll close with a friendly reminder on all the different ways you can help support my advocacy work [this is my "day job," yet I am doing it completely independently/unaffiliated... and somehow still need to cover the bills!] Thank you!
  1. In April (just a few days left) if you start your Amazon shopping from the links on my website, I will earn as much as 12% of what you spend... at no extra cost to you! - Friends have helped me earn $581.96 via Amazon so far this month!
  2. You can always contribute to my GoFundMe; the primary goal right now is to raise attorney fees to help defend my advocacy work against those who challenge it. Friends have donated $675.00 via GoFundMe so far this month, and I need to raise an additional $5,000 for this a.s.a.p. [If each of my readers donated $5 I would easily exceed this goal!]
  3. You can check out my eBay auctions (primarily of historic memorabilia) and put in a bid or two, while also learning a bit about my family history (& see all of the junk I have lying around my home!!)
  4. I am available on a consulting basis as a presenter / speaker or to help you coordinate your outreach events and initiatives. I have been doing event and outreach work for 25+ years, but now (since 2012) focus my work only on lead poisoning prevention related opportunities.
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