“Sure baby, mañana. It was always mañana. For the next few weeks that was all I heard––mañana a lovely word and one that probably means heaven.” Jack Kerouac, On The Road

If you've read the book, you know Sal and Dean had a wild adventure, but the ultimately just end up looking backwards on their lives without finding true satisfaction. 

Let's not be like Jack and his "Mexican girl" when it comes to our lives. I know I've said this a hundred times, <<First Name>>, but please stop waiting until the "time is right". Today is the day to begin, and while mañana is sure to be a beautiful place, if you put off everything until then, your dreams cannot come to fruition and your goals remain in the unknown future. 

Starting today doesn't require you to have the whole thing planned out. It wouldn't matter if you did anyway, because life shifts and asks you to adapt as you go along. Mañana holds no special magic that you can't already put into play today.

Do the thing today. Talk to the person. Request, ask, invite, and do so boldly. Satisfaction and results start with, well, starting. Now is always the right time to begin.


PS - Mañana means tomorrow. Hoy means today. Ahora means now. Ahorita means right this very moment.

PPS - You don't actually need to know Spanish to come to Baja in November or Guatemala in June. We can schedule a 15 minute chat to talk about these retreats (promise we will speak in English). Here's my Calendly.
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