When making big decisions, there are a few ways we can approach finding the “best” option.

One of my favorites, is to get super clear on your WHY.

Oftentimes our goals are more of a tangible marker than a clear indicator of why we wanted something in the first place. This is fine - when our goals are really specific like this, it’s easier to acknowledge and celebrate our achievements.

If you want lots of money, WHY?

If you want to travel abroad, WHY?

If you to become a yoga teacher, WHY?

If you want a dog, WHY?

<<First Name>>, I’d bet that each of these scenarios have a response underneath them that have nothing to do with money, a plane ticket, career, or pet. There is some kind of feeling or deeper purpose to each of them.

Your WHY is informed by your personal values.

Getting crystal clear on your WHY will support you when reaching your goals gets tough. It keeps your fire burning when you start to lose steam. It helps things make sense and gives you direction on where to go next when the big decisions seem impossible.

Because I love you,


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