You know when you're going to do or experience something, and people say, "Enjoy it for me, too!"

Or you're about to practice yoga or exercise and hear "Stretch for me!"
You are headed out to a great restaurant... "Eat some for me!"
Gearing up for a vacation... "Must be nice, enjoy it for me, too!"
You get the point.

It's so innocent and well intentioned and probably just a casual parting, but I want to call ya'll out if you catch yourself saying this stuff. If it's something you want, make it happen.

Go do it. 

You can go on an adventure, treat yourself to an exceptionally delicious meal, or at least take 5 minutes to stretch yourself while you read this email.

It's your choice whether you want to be the person who is DOING the things or the person watching others do them. We practice with the little things - daily habits, caring for ourselves, little celebrations and adventures - and then we become rockstars in the art of DOING the things we would like to enjoy.

So, <<First Name>>, go enjoy it for yourself. You deserve it.


PS - It's tough love, and I still love ya, <<First Name>>. Tell me about something you've watched someone else do and are going to make an effort to do yourself.
PPS - If you've been saying you wish you could go on a retreat or see what my life is like in Mexico, here's your opportunity.
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