Thank you.

Seriously, <<First Name>>, thank you so much for allowing me to send you Love Notes.

Some of the people who receive these have been with me for years. Some only joined recently.

When I began sending these Love Notes, it was because I wanted to remain part of your lives. To be remembered when I was out of sight, and to remind you that I care even when I’m not there to tell you. Seriously, I CARE ABOUT YOU. I cherish all the ways you helped me become who I am today, for trusting me to guide you, and for you allowing me to stay connected in this way.

So, this Love Note is a little different than the rest because it’s so simple: I love you. I am grateful for you. Thank you.

You have an impact on the world, <<First Name>>, and I’m so lucky you are part of mine.



PS - Did you know that I started sending Love Notes in 2018 right as the Eagles were on their way to win the SuperBowl? GO BIRDS.

PPS - Drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing. Where did we meet? Why did you sign up for Love Notes? What have you been struggling with? What are you celebrating?

I promise to offer you my love and support in the ways I best know how. My website always has those offerings, and I’m here for conversations.