Have you gone on “vacation mode” lately, <<First Name>> ? Not necessarily left and gone on vacation, but the mindset.

On vacation, there tends to be an acceptance of simplicity and quieting as we take in the details.

I find this most noticeable in the mornings. I’ll sit with my cup of coffee and take in the small details of my surroundings without distractions or agenda. It’s easier to wake up and have these slow, mindful moments when we don’t see the pile of paperwork on the edge of the counter, laundry waiting to be put away, or that gardening project from last season turning to mulch outside the window.

Instead, “vacation mode” allows for spaciousness. The novelty of the environment asks us to pause and pay attention. The lack of stuff that clutters our everyday life leaves more bandwidth for presence.

When we are fortunate enough to create the time and space for vacation mode away from Home, this practice is easier. It’s not impossible to do in day-to-day life though - it’s an intentional effort and mindset.

It’s a willingness to sit with yourself and your time as sacred. Acknowledge the tiny moments as special.

You deserve this,


PS - Mornings at Nourish Retreat were some of the most vacation mode moments for me. Coffee, fruit, granola, and banana bread were served at 07:00, so I’d take mine up to my balcony and watch whales breach while I sipped coffee and journaled. A lovely way to ground and set intentions for the day.

Reach out if you want to talk about joining for that kind of “vacation mode” this November 3-8. Details and sign up are open on