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With the Spring Equinox and a new moon, to say we are in a time of new beginnings would be an understatement. If you follow my social media, you may have seen me share about some of the grief - both personal and collective - that I feel around these first weeks of March, but there’s also an incredible sense of empowerment as it feels like the start of a new phase or season of life.

Our energy can be spent in countless ways and on innumerable things. This new phase invites us to recalibrate what we are doing to align us toward our greatest ambitions. Those ambitions could be as simple as “joy, good health, relaxation” and as big as launching a new business or ticking something off your bucket list.

It all requires us to take a pause for some spring cleaning on our habits, health, routines, and where our energy is flowing to be sure you are on the path you intended and following your own passions with confidence and grace.



Have you planned your self-care?

Think about 1 thing you can do to care for yourself in the next day, week, month, and year. Then get to making it a reality!

exclusive use of Topia Boutique Retreat in Baja, Mexico for Nourish Retreat

Nourish Retreat in Baja, Mexico

November 3-8, 2023

Taking meaningful actions towards your goals and finding the spark of inspiration that propels you toward the life of your dreams requires that you are first well rested, cared for, and deeply nourished. Nourish Retreat is a luxury retreat that offers community, practices, care, and the container for you to reset your nervous system and feel confident in achieving your goals. Book your space on this magical, luxury retreat in Baja.

Eagles Nest yoga deck overlooking Lake Atitlan

Solstice Celebrations in Guatemala

June 17-23, 2023

As we welcome Spring, it’s not too early to look ahead to celebrating Summer’s arrival. This Guatemala retreat is rooted in personal transformation, community, culture, and ceremony. Our hosts at The Eagles Nest on Lake Atitlan have created a space that sparkles with the magic it inspires in all of us. From Antigua to Lake Atitlan, our itinerary explores Mayan culture and historic sites, traditions of temezcal and a sacred cacao ceremony, daily yoga and much more in an environment that’s naturally stunning.

Registration closes April 14, 2023, so book now or reach out to schedule a chat with me.

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Rooted in the desire to make wellness simple and our belief that connection to Earth brings connection to Self, and connection to Self bring connection to Earth, these retreats offer a physical box of mindfully curated products, an online platform of videos, recipes, and templates, and a beautiful guidebook to support you through the journey.