I’m re-prioritizing for 2023, and I’ve put ME at the top of all the lists.

No, I don’t think this is selfish. I think it’s centered in Self. I find it unshakably grounding, because at the end of the day, the only thing I have to manage is ME.

What a relief! I don’t need to control other people’s opinions, reactions, or judgments. I can manage myself instead of everyone else. When I don’t know where to start because my life has so many moving pieces, I start with my own needs.

So when I prioritize the one thing I actually have control over, it simplifies everything.

If it sounds impossible, or selfish, I ask you this: "If you were completely cared for, energized, resourced, and clear, how could you show up for your [family/friends/work/community] better?

Taking good care of YOU makes your world a better place, <<First Name>>.

It’s your turn,


PS - Sound impossible? Start small. Write out one way you can prioritize yourself tomorrow. Coffee with the sunrise. Cancelling dinner plans you aren’t psyched about. Going to a yoga class. Schedule it in to your day and stick to it. Write back and tell me what you’re going to do!

PPS - If you’re looking for reliable ways to care for yourself, my
Empowered You Membership gives you the opportunity to consistently practice prioritizing YOU with on-demand virtual yoga classes.