Many of us are self-improvement junkies. Some of us do it because we are serious about becoming a better version of ourselves. Some of us are addicted to the (often artificial) highs of reading a self-improvement book or enrolling in a self-improvement course. And some of us are on this treadmill of endless "self-improvement" because we never learned to love and accept ourselves for who we are.

Tara Brach wrote, "How many moments we have lost from thinking we are unlovable."

How many, I wonder?

So I'm going to tell you today. There is no such thing as good or bad human beings - we are simply whole human beings. Who are imperfect but loved. And who are capable of loving others. Because that's what we are here to do.

But where is the evidence for that?

Well, just look up and around you. It's everywhere once you start looking.



Some interesting things & links

1. An exceptionally beautiful music video and song. Directed by Liknifena and performed by Olivier Cong, both from Hong Kong.

2. A casual conversation with Saul Leiter + this is why I'll be a photographer for life.

3. What is empathy? Brene Brown explains plainly and powerfully.

4. Boom3D. An award-winning app that enhances the audio on your computer. I thought my MacBook Pro speakers were good until I started using this.

5. Obsidian. Note-taking tool extraordinaire. Made by developers who care.

6. John O'Donohue x On Being. Listening for the third time.

7. I used italki to hire a teacher for remote French conversation lessons. Intimidating but ultimately useful, I think... Haha. (I was expecting my first leçon to be a breeze but my French teacher spoke only French to me, refusing to lapse into English unless absolutely necessary. I was so stressed I forgot even the simplest words.)

8. Quote to think about: "The truth is that life is full of ups and downs, good and bad things will happen, that was the reality of life. But I never accepted this; life always had to go how I wanted it to, and others must behave how I thought they should. I was at constant war with my experience and then wondered why I suffered as I did!" - Paul David


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