Issue 66

Dear friends,

I get angry a lot when I'm on social media or when I read the news. That's when I remind myself that it's completely okay to be off social media or to not be in the loop at all. Which is what I'm doing a lot of these days. I don't want to be in the loop. Nor do I want to be perpetuating the endless loop of ego-stoking (both yours and mine) and over-sharing that's currently happening on the social networks.

Enough is enough.

I'm angry at a lot of things. At what's happening at America's borders, at the situation in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, at Big Tech's insistence that they're trying to improve our lives when what they really want to do is plunder and profit off our data, at the systemic greed that's consumed so many of us and especially the leaders of this world. The world is fucked up and I'm so angry.

I know I need to work at the anger. I know my anger will not change a thing. But a little disconnection won't hurt. Then I can seek silence. And that silence can then teach me how to transcend my anger into something more constructive.

Have you ever felt this way?


Some inspiring things

1. Trees at Night. This is art.

2. The Truth Podcast. Start from this episode. Or this. One of my great finds of 2019.

3. How are you? These days, these days...

4. Currently reading: "The Most Wanted Man in China" by Fang Lizhi.

5. Quote to think about: "Whatever makes you happy, you put in your world." - Bob Ross


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