Are you missing these key nutrients? 50% of people are…

Your diet has some... room for improvement. But now that you're ready to make some changes, where do you start? 

Check out this definitive list of the vital nutrients you may be missing in this infographic.

While these things are pretty cool, they are only as good as the action you take because of them.

I'm guessing your schedule is pretty full.

I run into this literally every day. People like you. Wanting to do the right thing health-wise, but backed into a corner and being pulled in too many directions at once.

I would have to agree that our current society structure is DEFINITELY working against all of us this way. At least now you have a little something to go on.

Ah, if it were only so easy right? Check out a picture and magically, your schedule opens up, and you can transform your diet. If only! 

My reason for writing to you today is to IMPLORE you to do one thing!

Just pick a starting point. My most successful clients did NOT try to change the universe overnight.

I'm talking about the clients who turned their lives around. The serious ones. Here's how they did it. They sat down with pen and paper and made a priority list based on a few simple questions:

What is most important to me?

Is poor sleep a major issue for me? Yes or no.
Is my diet dialled in really well? Yes or no.
Am I getting to the gym as frequently as I need to be? Easy yes or no on that one!

Once they had an answer, they told me what they wanted to accomplish, and we built a custom plan from the ground up. Starting with small steps. No radical changes. Just strategic, doable actions.

I made sure to work with them every step of the way.

Sounds easy enough, right? But you would be amazed how many folks who go it alone just don't see things through. So, if you do nothing else today, can I ask you do one small thing?

Take a little sheet of paper and answer the questions above. Nail down your one big rock as it were.

What is the single biggest hurdle getting in your way? Let me know what you pin down.

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