Free Improv Drop In Workshop
Sunday, May 19th from 2:30-4:30pm

Interested in taking an improv class but not sure you are ready to commit?
Second Beat is now offering a free intro to improv drop in workshop.
Instructed by: Laurie Shellenbarger
No registration needed

Invite your friends to our event!

2x2x2 Log Roll Improv Jam
2 randomly selected improvisers
2 teams go head to head
2 minutes each
Play multiple times with multiple people. 
Free to play.
Free to watch.
Free to have fun.

Every Second Saturday at 8:30pm
Net Show Saturday, May 11th 
Improv Triple Play

3 Teams improvise with a suggestion from the audience

Saturdays at 7pm
Tickets: $10 

Reserve your tickets
Register for a class in 2019
Saturday, May 25th from 11-2pm

In this class students will learn the fundamental tools necessary for improv. They will learn the benefits of working as an ensemble by building skills in collaboration, support, listening and saying yes to the possibilities of anything.

Register today!

Have a show idea you want to produce?

Friday nights are open for your programming desires. These shows are not limited to improv and can be anything ranging from stand up, music, sketch or whatever you would like to put up. 

If you have a show proposal put it together and submit it.
All submissions will be considered.

Submit your show idea
Solo workshop with Kim Porter
Every Sunday from 6:30-9:30pm
$15 per session

Do you need something meaningful to do between acting gigs? Do you have a story you are itching to tell? Let award-winning writer/performer Kim Porter help you make that happen at the Solo Workshop.

This workshop is designed to help participants generate new material, support projects already in development, and offer accountability in a relaxed and generous small group environment.

The Solo Workshop is designed to meet the participant where they are and is therefore ideal for both beginners and established writer-performers.

Because the Solo Workshop is employing an on-going, drop-in model for participation, artists can work at their own pace and budget.

For more information about the Solo Workshop contact Kim Porter at

Be a part of the experience.
Submit your team for the June schedule.

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Featured Performer: Michael Ziman
Michael first started improvising on a short form team in high school. It was about 10 years later in 2015 when he picked it back up again this time taking on long form. Some of the teams that have influenced him are Cook County Social Club, Grandma's Ashes, TJ & Dave and Heather Anne Campbell. Locally he enjoys Skewed News Hour. 
He enjoys performing in patient and grounded two person shows along with fast, goofy and gamey shows. The best part of improv for Michael is that improv satisfies all the desires to be creative and expressive that get  repressed in everyday life.

Favorite quote/advice from a coach/instructor: 
 Come out on stage, put your nuts in the audience's face, and ask for a suggestion. - Brian Jack

You can see perform with:
Hearts on Fire every 2nd Saturday
Too Cubed every 4th Saturday
Featured team every third Saturday

Birds and Broads

Cast: Jacque Arend and Liz Hutchman

Starting as a one-night-only performance, Birds & Broads have now been performing together for four years. They focus on a single location scene, creating a strong relationship at the top after which they may or may not explore the other rich characters who inhabit that space. Their shows bounce from being utterly hilarious to edge-of-your-seat engaging.

Slack Jam

3 randomly selected improvisers
3 minutes each

Enjoy this fast paced jam.
Don't get comfortable sitting down. You'll be up again before you know it.

Every fourth Saturday at 8:30pm
Next Show Saturday. May 25th

Skewed News Hour!

You pick the news we pick it apart

Every 3rd Friday at 7pm
Tickets: $7

Reserve your tickets
Improv Drop In
Mondays in April at 6:30pm

Cost: $10 each week
Work with different instructors each week.

Finished classes and looking for some extra improv reps without the commitment? These weekly workshops will run scenes and exercises to improve your improv skills. Register in advance or just show up. Only two weeks left.


Third Wheel - BFF
Thursday, June 13th at 7pm
Tickets $5

Have a favorite duo improv team you've always wanted to play with?
Now you can in the Third Wheel - BFF edition. Put your name in for a chance to play with some of the hottest duos in Phoenix. 
Gemini Show

Join us for a night of two person improv shows all based on genres.

Thursday, June 20th at 7pm
Tickets $5

Interested in playing? Submit your name and preferred genre.

Register your team for the Pigtails Tournament

Have a team and want a chance for some extra stage time or a group you have been wanting to play with and want to see if you have the chemistry to be the next big thing? 

Submit your team for the next round of Pigtails Tournament.

Thursday, May 2nd three teams will compete for the audience vote. The winning team will be invited back to defend their title the following month. To submit enter your team information through our team availability form..

Submit your team
Featured Performer: Jeremy Schwartz
Jeremy started improvising in 2003. Some of his influences include Shane Shannon, Liz Hutchman and Matt Higbee. He started in shortform improv and has since found longform in which he loves the formats. Among his favorite formats are the Slacker and Monoscene.
The part of improv that he enjoys most is the exploration of characters, sceneries, relationships and backstories. He loves to dive into the mentality of "if this is true what else is true" in this universe.He is a firm believer that improv is for everyone. He thinks the skills learned within this craft are transferable to so many life situations.

He also has two dogs.

Favorite quote/advice from a coach/instructor:
If you tell the truth you never have to remember anything -Dave Rasowski

You can see Jeremy perform with:
Hearts on Fire every 2nd Saturday
Featured team every third Saturday



Cast: Chris Hooper, Eric Storie, Rick Grove,Sam Haldiman and Sara Palmer with accompanist Chad Michael Lawson

The Displacers have been performing the long-form signature format the Harold for five years. They perform with a high energy and create a rich cast of characters that will keep you talking about their show for days. It's no use trying to explain the show to a friend. Tell them they just need to be there.

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