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This is Megan Jamer, Rethink Charity’s newly joined Communications Manager. It’s great to be reaching out to you with updates on RC Forward, one of our key projects. The whole RC Forward team is excited to be kicking off this community newsletter. 

Expect curated updates from our partner charities and the experts that evaluate them, plus key news from our team and the effective giving community (with a Canadian twist). Today’s edition is a bit longer, because we’re getting you caught up on several recent updates. 

We’re looking to craft a newsletter that’s valuable for you. Reply anytime with your thoughts.

The latest at

  1. Through our platform, you can now tax-efficiently donate to 39 high-impact charities, including the partner charities we’ve added in 2021: Ought, Faunalytics, Mercy For Animals, TerraPraxis, and Carbon180! Browse all charities here
  2. We’ve just launched two new RC Forward Funds: Long-Term Future and Climate Change. Each quarter, we work with each of our five high-impact funds’ external advisers to direct your donations to where they’re most needed. 
  3. La version française de RC Forward, est maintenant disponible! Nous sommes très reconnaissants à la merveilleuse équipe de bénévoles qui a rendu cela possible: Helena Lang, Sophie Pelland, et Louise Verkin.

COVID-19 India response

In light of India’s COVID-19 crisis and in response to your feedback, we’ve just updated our ongoing COVID-19 special initiative. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Through RC Forward you can now donate to two GiveIndia COVID-19 campaigns, one supporting oxygen supply and one supporting conditional cash transfers.
  • Your donations to these campaigns will be regranted faster than the normal regranting timeline: we aim to send the first batch of donations this week.
  • Until at least June 30, 2021, we’re waiving our 4% operations allocation on your donations to these two GiveIndia campaigns. We’ll reevaluate then.
  • We are spotlighting these campaigns primarily based on this analysis.
Learn more

Your impact

In 2020, from across Canada you donated $2.7 million to our high-impact partner charities through RC Forward. We’ll have more analysis in the coming months, but in the meantime we wanted to acknowledge your remarkable commitment to effective giving. Thank you!

Evaluator updates

Animal Charity Evaluators explains their inclusion of Wild Animal Initiative as an ACE Top Charity in 2020. (All current ACE Top Charities and Standout Charities are available on the RC Forward platform.)

Highlights from our partner charities

If you’d like to overview the work of our new climate change partner charity, Carbon180, check out these short fact sheets on the solutions they’re focusing on for removing carbon from our atmosphere. 

GiveDirectly launched their COVID-19 response just over a year ago. So far, they’ve delivered cash to 644K people impacted by the pandemic in African countries (including Liberia, Kenya, and Togo) and in the United States. As part of our COVID-19 special initiative we’ve been featuring GiveDirectly’s response, and it’s received generous support from Canadian donors. Thank you! If you’ve ever wondered how a cash transfer is used by the person receiving it, you can read candid responses directly from recipients at GDLive

The Centre for Effective Altruism recently published “Things CEA is not doing” to help people in the effective altruism community understand which areas may be neglected (for example, donor coordination or supporting other organizations). On the topic, a friendly reminder that you can donate to any of the four EA Funds through RC Forward. Just make sure you follow the instructions on our CEA donation page.

Our world

  • West African nation The Gambia has eliminated trachoma, the world’s leading infectious cause of blindness. Check out Sightsavers’ blog post commemorating this achievement here
  • Over “many long evenings,” Toby Ord (philosopher, author of The Precipice, and founder of Giving What We Can) restored photos from space missions, and the result is magnificent: Earth Restored.

The latest from our team

Above: Our new coworking space, one of the myriad projects of our Operations Officer, Marisa Jurczyk
  • Our endlessly helpful Operations Officer, Marisa Jurczyk, recently shared their experiences working in operations to maximize the impact of others. Check out the EA Cambridge event recording here, featuring insights from Marisa as well as Amrit Sidhu-Brar from the Centre on Long-Term Risk, and Sven Herrman from the Global Priorities Institute. 
  • Rethink Charity’s latest donor briefing shares numerous updates on all its projects, including RC Forward, plus shoutouts to the recent work of amazing volunteers.

The growing, global effective giving community

Alexandra Heller: “I like envisioning receiving ten dollars and keeping nine of them, while shooting the tenth off to a cause I really care about.”

Right here in Canada

Ali Asaria, the founder of the Canadian e-commerce firm Tulip Retail, is a member of Founders Pledge, having pledged to give away 80% of his shares. “We live in a world – and this is the coffee-table conversation we have at Tulip a lot – where one of the biggest problems in the world is income [disparity],” he explained in a 2018 interview. (The Founders Pledge research team advises our new RC Forward Climate Change Fund.)

Something we’re thinking about

Our Operations Manager, Siobhan Brenton, recommends the recent Sam Harris interview with the Good Food Institute’s Bruce Freidrich and Liz Specht, on creating a world where alternative protein “tastes as good or better, and costs the same or less” as today’s animals products. 


“It is more difficult to give money away intelligibly than to earn it in the first place.” 

— Andrew Carnegie, the Gospel of Wealth (via Giving What We Can)

RC Forward Q&A

Question: “Has my donation reached the charity yet?” 

Answer: Track your donation’s progress on our new “Where Is My Donation?” page, which we update regularly. It’s also a good place to learn more about the international regranting process we facilitate.
Browse our high-impact charities

That’s all for now. If you’d like, reply to let us know what you think of this RC Forward community newsletter, or forward it to someone you think would appreciate it. 

Thanks for reading, 

Communications Manager, Rethink Charity

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