Corsica Currents, October 2020
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Corsica Currents
October 2020

In keeping with Federal and State guidelines for COVID-19 protection all club events remain canceled.  The club grounds are open for walking; the dock and beach launching area are open for recreational boating.  Bathrooms are available.  The pavilion is open at a 20 person capacity.  Social distancing applies.



> Commodore's Corner
Mike Hollis

This will be my last communication to you as commodore.  It has been my honor to lead and serve Corsica River Yacht Club as a board member for the past six years.  It is now time to stand down and actually put my boat in the water again.
I would like to thank the board for not only providing sage guidance and executing directed actions well but never failing to pull me up short when necessary.  Subtlety and empathy are not my strong points.  Gail Owings, John Foster, John Friel, Gayle Jayne, Joe Della Barbra, Art Silcox, Tammy Boone, John Harper, and Beth Pinder all deserve my praise and a hearty Bravo Zulu (well done).
This has been an interesting year to say the least.  COVID caused us to cancel every event this year except for a few bones that we were able to offer the membership by way of movie nites and kayak paddles.  We didn’t even plug in the storeroom refrigerator.  On the plus side the board was able to accomplish a myriad of tasks without being distracted by sailing events.  You the members managed to capitalize on the downtime by utilizing the club for walking, exercising, kayaking and eventually launching larger sailboats for pleasure sails.
Movie nites has been a qualified success.  We had 14 members attend MOBY DICK on the 12th and three who attended BEAUTY AND THE BEAST on the 26th.  Our last two films will be shown on the 17th and 24th of October.  Details are in the Social section below. Come out to enjoy great films in great company.
            We will host the semi-annual meeting on 18 October at 3pm to elect new officers and review the state of the club.  Unfortunately, it will be just that; a meeting; no pot luck, no oyster guy, bring your own beverage.  But it is important for the continuity of the club.  Please plan on attending.
            There will be a closing work party on 8 November.  It will be a soft closing with only a few board members needed to turn off water and slap on winter padlocks.  A Port-a-Jon should be on-site during November and remain until April.
Parents- as schools re-open in whatever form please don’t hesitate to use the club grounds for field trips, science class, or phys ed now and throughout the winter. 
I stand relieved,
Mike Hollis, Commodore




> Membership
Gail Owings, Vice Commodore


We currently have 80 paid + 5 comped members.  All cards are issued. 
The following new members have been onboarded: None


>Buildings and Grounds
John Foster Rear Commodore

Schoolhouse- The ground work is almost complete and the new schoolhouse is due to arrive by 16 Oct.  We will finalize some interior details (shelving, lockers, etc…) over the winter and do a full move in during opening day 2021.  We are offering schoolhouse naming rights to anyone who would like to donate $5000.00 towards the $7500.00 cost.  If anyone wants the old shed please let us know:  Otherwise it will be torn down during opening day 2021.

Wall Lockers-  New member Christian Benefiel has kindly donated two metal wall lockers to the club for use in the heads for cleaning supplies.  Hopefully, this will minimize winter mouse houses made from toilet paper.  Several other lockers will be sent to the new schoolhouse for storage of miscellaneous regatta supplies such as code flags and first aid kits.  Thank you Christian.
Derelict boats and trailers -   We have several boats on campus that seem to be neglected.  If you haven’t launched, sailed, moved or even seen your boat in the past year – this is you.  When you brought your boat to the club, the implied agreement was that the boat would be trailerable and sailable.  If you have a boat on campus, YOU have an obligation to ensure it is correctly covered and positioned to drain.  If there is grass growing around your trailer you need to reposition your boat.  Please review your vessel holdings and if you have more boats than you can maintain please either properly maintain them or remove them. We want to keep CRYC looking nice. 
There will be a concerted effort the winter to have boat owners identify their vessel and register it with the club by means of a sticker.
            And finally, if you have a boat in the field behind the pavilion please notify John Foster as we are planning another purge of derelict boats and trailers.
Dinghy Dock and Moorings– Over the 2020-21 winter, a blue ribbon panel will be led by Joe Della Barbra to review both the mooring layout and dinghy dock access to ensure equity to all members for both access and storage.  Recommendations regarding the anchorage layout and how to best match dinghy dock equitable access with the limited space available will be announced sometime in the spring.  If you are interested in serving on this panel please contact the board at

Also please remember that the club has no trash service.  Pack it in, pack it out!

Dock Extension -
We are finalizing the new dock extension which will hopefully be installed during 2021.  The extension will add an additional 80' of dock and include a second finger pier.  This improvement will help us to increase launch and recovery through-put during regattas in addition to increasing usable dock space.

> Finance
John Friel, Treasurer

Monies on hand 1 October 2020
Operations and Maintenance: $14,239.00
100K Capital Fund:  $12,000
County grant:  $20,000 for Dock
Upcoming October expenses: Schoolhouse shed $5,294.
                                                 Yacht Clubs of America dues $500.
Projected cash balance at the annual meeting: $8,445. 

Gail Owings, Tammy Boone

Unfortunately, the sailing school was a non-starter this year.  The YMCA held no sailing or waterfront classes therefore we introduced no new sailors or (more importantly their parents) to the club and its great location.  This also represented $4000.00 in lost revenue to the club.  On the plus side, none of the school fleet suffered any damage requiring repair.  This included the 2 safety launches which now need no winterizing or engine maintenance (at $100.00 ea.).  Additionally, Art Silcox was able to sell off 2 surplus 420’s netting the club $750.00.  (2 are still available).
The ground work is complete and awaiting the new schoolhouse.  We will finalize some interior details (shelving, lockers, etc…) over the winter and do a full move-in during opening day 2021.
As schools begin online please consider using the club as an offsite learning location for either an alternate nice-day classroom or for a self-made field trip.  Note that heads and water will shutdown approx. 1 Nov however it is the boards’ intent to rent a port-a-jon over the winter for member use.


> Communications

Joe Della Barba, IT & Gayle Jayne, Secretary

           We have continued to improve communications across the club and membership.
           Joe Della Barbra has worked to improve our reception and internal wiring in the pavilion.  Although using a backup antenna the weather station is working flawlessly with reports provided real time on the CRYC website. A new antenna will be installed in the spring. Other spring plans include a phone number for the club that can be directed to selected phones so that Officers can be contacted as necessary.
PA system - We have a 50 foot cord now for the PA system to connect to a microphone, music player, or other sound source. We will likely add a Bluetooth input if one can be sourced reasonably.
Reminder - We have a presence at
            The Corsica Currents Newsletter has gone out more or less on time every month providing items of interest to 143 plus email recipients.
            Gayle Jayne has kept up with member mailings, and timely newsletter editing.
            Informal Q&A opportunities during board meetings have not fared as well with no attendees.


> Regatta / Race
Art Silcox,  John Foster

REGATTA – We had hope for the fall series... but alas, it too is canceled.   We intended to include not just Comets but 420’s, Sunfish, and Lasers.  The regatta committee felt that it was in everyone’s the best interest due to the limitations of finding a single household skipper and crew; launch and recovery time/space and the difficulties related to committee boat use.  Just because the racing season has been cancelled, members can still launch their boats from the dock or beach and enjoy sailing on the River, just remember to social distance on the dock.
The Comet Class Association has asked CRYC to host the North American Championship Regatta during October 2021 after cancelling in 2020.  Most likely date will be during Columbus Weekend.  

> Fleet

Art Silcox, Fleet Captain

Laser-  NSTR
Comet-  NSTR
420 – NSTR
Sunfish- NSTR
Kayak – Folks are invited to the Evening Kayak and Canoe Paddle on 3 October.  Showtime 5:30, safety brief 5:45, launch 6pm, recover NLT 7:30.  Intent is to view nature and enjoy the journey of discovery.   Seeing wildlife at dusk is a unique experience that should be enjoyed by all.   Bonfire and BYOB beer may follow. 

The club fleet box containing paddles and lifejackets etc. is available for use.  Please fill out the forms located in the box and return items clean when done.  The usage data that these forms generate helps the club justify purchasing additional equipment.  Tie down boats when done.  Please note that club membership entitles you to use boats from the club fleet rack.  You are not entitled to use private boats residing on racks A and B without the owner’s permission.

2020 Privately Owned Rack Assignments
A1  Mike Hollis A2  Mike Whitehill A3  Peter Jayne
A4  Bob Gerber A5  Chris Pupke A6  Peter Jayne
A7  Jessica Curry A8   John Harper A9  Julie Kille
B1  John Friel B2  Beth Pinder B3  Jessica Curry
B4  Jim Johnson B5  Adam Cohen B6  Tammy Boone
B7  Patti Oneil Karen Maize B8  Tom West  B9  Gail Owings
Wait list:  1. None
To be placed on the wait list email:



> Social
Gail Owings, Vice Commodore & Beth Pinder

Beginning with the New Year’s brunch in January through the Annual Crab Feast in late September, the club hosted no social activities this year other than a few movies in the fall. 
Our first film, Moby Dick was met with rounds of applause by the 14 people who attended.  Extra insights provided before and after the film by film buff and whaling expert Mike Hollis made the evening richly rewarding by all who attended.
Just last week, (26 Sept) Beauty and the Beast also met with tears and cheers but with a slightly smaller audience (3). 
On 17 October we will show the 1957 film Abandon Ship.  What decisions must be made when 26 people occupy a lifeboat made for 13?  Unrated but probably not for pre-teen viewers due to the somewhat disturbing theme.  Abandon ship will be preceded by a film short of Capt Irving Johnson Rounding Cape Horn aboard the 4 masted ship “Peking” in 1932.  Show time 17 October at 7 pm.
The film series will culminate on October 24th with a family friendly Halloween trio of Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin, at 6:30 pm, Disney’s Hocus Pocus, at 7 pm, and the MGM classic The Wizard of Oz at 8:30ish.  Bonfire and camping optional.
For all film events you will need a mask.  Bring your own chair, popcorn bowl and beverage.


Ships Store
Tammy Boone, Quartermaster

The ships store has several items available for members -  Burgees, Hats, T-shirts, Lapel pins and coming soon- Buffs and Static Cling Interior Car Decals.  Items will be available at the semi-annual meeting on 18 October.
You may also purchase items from Land’s End - CRYC logo items may be purchased through Lands' End.  You will need to create your own account and create a library of logos that you can use.  Although there are a few steps involved, it is worth the time setting it all up. When you order an item, you can preview it and adjust the placement of the logo on the garment.  Here's how to get set up: 1.Log in or create an account with Lands' End Business (This is separate from regular Lands' End.)2.Once you have created an account and/or signed in, use the drop down menu under your name in the upper right corner to click on "Logos".
3.Click on "Associate a Logo to my Account"
4.Use Logo #'s: 1150832 and/or 1150825 and Customer #: 7179521
That's all there is to it!  You are ready to order. 


>More Opportunities to Serve

If you have ideas and suggestions to share please feel free to email or call.  If you would like to assist with a committee, event or project, trust me, we have a job for you.
  • Fleet Surgeon – Individual with medical credentials (doctor, PA, nurse) to provide health service input to the decision making body of the club.
  • Club photographer - Volunteer needed to photo document club events.  Wide range of access granted.
  • Coffee / Donut Person – Seeking individual(s) to setup breakfast at four events over the year.  65 cup coffeemaker provided.  Purchase dounuts / fruit locally.
  • Public relations / Recruiting  – Seeking individuals to represent the club at various community events to provide information about the club and recruit new members. 
  • Public relations / Media – Seeking individuals to provide updates to local and regional media with the goal of increasing awareness of the club and its activities.  Additionally, design a tri-fold brochure that can be provided to prospective members.
  • Contact: for info on the above positions

Upcoming Events
All events are subject to cancellation.

Oct 3                                      Evening Kayak Paddle                     Kayak Flt
Oct 12                                    Columbus Day
Oct 18                        Semi-Annual Meeting/Change of Watch      Board
Oct 24                                    Family Campout / Movie /Bonfire     Social
Oct 31                                    Halloween
Nov 8                                      Closing Work Party                          Bldg & Grds

View Calendar for 2020

>Contact the CRYC Board

Send email to
Your email will be received by each Board member.
To contact Commodore Mike Hollis, send email to
View Phone Directory for BOD Members


>Classified Ads

Would you like to advertise here?  Got something to sell?  Are you a skipper seeking a crew or crew seeking a boat?  Contact or
FOR SALE: 420 Sailboats.  The Club is selling 2 excess 420 sailboats.  All are in good condition.  $350.00 – 400.00 ea.  No trailer.  Contact Art Silcox 571 213 9356 or  Mar 2020.
FOR SALE: Laser Sailboats.  The Club is selling excess Laser sailboats.  All are in good condition.  $550.00 ea.  No trailer or dolly.  Interested members contact Art Silcox 571 213 9356 or  not later than 17 Nov.  If there are more interested buyers than boats we will hold a lottery on 18 Oct at the annual meeting.  Bring a check. Oct 2020



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