Corsica Currents, August 2020
News for CRYC Members
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NOAA is issuing warnings throughout the east coast as tropical storm Isaias has now been upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane.  Please take the opportunity to ensure your boats and covers are properly tied down.  While at the club please also check on your neighbors who may not be able to get to the club to secure their vessels.  This also applies to boats on racks and at the dinghy dock.  Remember - prudence is the hallmark of the mariner.
In keeping with Federal and State guidelines for COVID-19 protection all club events are cancelled through 15 August.  The club grounds are open for walking; the dock and beach launching area are open for recreational boating.  Bathrooms are available.  The pavilion is open at a 20 person capacity.  Social distancing applies.



> Commodore's Corner

I’m tired of COVID and ready to move on…. Maybe not so fast. 
I am continually struck by the scope of activities and number of members who utilize the club grounds at various times on various days.  I woulda thought weekends are the busy times at the club, but no, it appears weekday mornings are very busy also.  Individuals doing maintenance on large boats, stand up paddleboarders, beach sitters, day strollers getting some air.  Good on all of you- keep using the club.
Sounding like a broken record - We are still early on reopening and recovery.  Based on a potential resurgence of COVID, we could see a re-imposition of quarantining and stay-at-home orders.  Please use common sense and don't endanger yourself or others.
The board hosted a question and answer session after the regular board meeting on 26 July.  I’m guessing it was the heat that kept anyone from attending- either that or the club is so well run that everyone is satisified!
The County Sheriff (Sheriff Hoffman) stopped in on Sunday.  FYI he does a patrol through the area on a fairly regular basis.  If you see him please say hi and thank him for his efforts.  He did mention that there is some drug activity in the equine park across the street.  All the more reason to keep the gate locked.
I am pleased to announce that CRYC now has a Fleet Chaplain.  Reverend Mary Friel has agreed to serve in this capacity.  In addition to serving as special staff to the board as necessary, she will conduct non-denominational invocations during selected club events such as the semi-annual meetings.  Chaplain Friel is currently the Rector of St. Paul's Parish in Centreville.
In an attempt to offer some kind of social programs this season the club will be offering MOVIE NITE beginning September 12th at approx. 7:45 pm with the rousing sea adventure Moby Dick.  Details are in the Social section below. Hope that someone… anyone will attend.
Several Members have asked which other yacht clubs we have reciprocity with.  We currently have reciprocity with Rock Hall Yacht Club in Rock Hall and Chester River Yacht and Country Club (CRYCC) in Chestertown.  Reciprocity basically entitles you to utilize other clubs facilities in a manner equal to that which we can provide.  (i.e. you can’t use the pools or golf course but the bars and restaurants are available (in keeping with COVID status.))
Mike Hollis, Commodore



> Membership
Gail Owings, Vice Commodore


We currently have 78 paid members.  All renewal cards have been sent out and include the new gate, fleet box and head combination. 

>Buildings and Grounds
John Foster Rear Commodore

The new schoolhouse is in the final planning stages and will hopefully be delivered this Fall.  We are offering schoolhouse naming rights to anyone who would like to donate $5000.00 towards the $7000.00 cost (and no- Schooley McSchoolhouse will not be an option).  Details with diagrams and photos will be forthcoming in the Sep newsletter.  If anyone wants the old shed please let us know:
Dinghy Dock – We have expanded the dinghy dock by moving the extra floating dock to the end of the current dinghy dock.  The current dinghy dock is inadequate for the number of moorings in use and the subsequent encroachment onto the schools 420 dock must be remedied.  We are reviewing the options for a dinghy ramp anIAd rack on the hard.  For those of you who provided input – thanks.  The board will develop a comprehensive long them plan over the winter.
Moorings -  We will be installing 1-2 moorings in the anchorage for guest use next spring. 
Pavillion Ceiling Fans and lights:  Switches for pavilion fans and lights are now located in the mens head.   The switches will soon be replaced with 6hr timers but in the meantime please turn off the fans and lights when you leave.

Also please remember that the club has no trash service.  Pack it in, pack it out!

> Finance
John Friel, Treasurer

Monies on hand 1 August 2020
Operations and Maintenance: $20,018.00
100K Capital Fund:  $12,000

Gail Owings, Tammy Boone


> Communications

Joe Della Barba, IT & Gayle Jayne, Secretary


> Regatta / Race
Art Silcox,  John Foster

REGATTA – As we get closer to Sept we will access our ability to safely conduct our fall comet and laser (and maybe sunfish) series.  Stand by for more info.

> Fleet

Art Silcox, Fleet Captain

Laser-  Fall Series begins 12 Sept
Comet- Fall Series begins 12 Sept
Sunfish- It has been pointed out that there are at least 5 Sunfish sailboats on campus.  If there is interest from the sunfish community we are prepared to designate you as a club fleet and include you in the fall series (if held).  If you are interested please let the board know (
Kayak – NSTR
The club fleet box containing paddles and lifejackets etc. is available for use.  Please fill out the forms located in the box and return items clean when done.  The usage data that these forms generate helps the club justify purchasing additional equipment.  Tie down boats when done.  Please note that club membership entitles you to use boats from the club fleet rack.  You are not entitled to use private boats residing on racks A and B without the owner’s permission.
Fleet sailboats are no longer available.  We have been notified by our insurance company that fleet sailboats – Optis, 420’s and Lasers may no longer be signed out for individual use by members unless accompanied by a chase boat.  This is disappointing, however we must observe this ruling in order to limit the clubs liability.  In order to mitigate this, we will offer a chase boat during club sponsored open sail events. 
Open Sailing.  We will provide interested members with an opportunity to enjoy Friday evening or weekend sailing by operating a chase boat during those times if requested.  Please email ideas and interest to Gail Owings at or
2020 Privately Owned Rack Assignments
A1  Mike Hollis A2  Mike Whitehill A3  Peter Jayne
A4  Bob Gerber A5  Sandy Downes A6  Peter Jayne
A7  Jessica Curry A8   John Harper A9  Julie Kille
B1  John Friel B2  Beth Pinder B3  Jessica Curry
B4  Jim Johnson B5  Adam Cohen B6  Tammy Boone
B7  Patti Oneil Karen Maize B8  Tom West  B9  Gail Owings
Wait list:  1. None


> Social
Gail Owings, Vice Commodore & Beth Pinder

CRAB FEAST- Tentatively scheduled for 27 Sept- We haven’t cancelled this… yet.
MOVIE NITES – We havn’t offered much to the membership this season so we thought we would try to offer at least some type of social activity.  The board will host a weekly movie night beginning Saturday Sept 12th  beginning at approximately 7:45 pm.  Fresh made hands free popcorn will be provided (bring your own bowl).  Our first film will be the 1956 classic “Moby Dick”  starring Gregory Peck, Richard Basehart, and Orson Wells.  Director John Houston’s version is considered to be the most authentic in terms of “whalecraft” and while fairly faithful to the Herman Melville story there are one or two liberties inserted by screenwriter Ray Bradbury of “Fahrenheit 451” fame.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy this pre-CGI rousing adventure of the sea. 
Other films are currently TBD however expect some classics such as Casablanca, family friendly such as Disneys Live action Beauty and the Beast and some pure adventure such as Mutiny on the Bounty.  Titles will be announced in September and start times will get progressively earlier as days get shorter.
The film series will culminate on October 24th with a bonfire and a family friendly Halloween trio of Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin, Disney’s Hocus Pocus, and the MGM classic The Wizard of Oz
For all film events you will need a mask.  Bring your own folding chair, popcorn bowl and beverage.

Ships Store
Tammy Boone, Quartermaster

The ships store has several items available for members -  Burgees, Hats, T-shirts, Lapel pins and coming soom- Buffs and Static Cling Interior Car Decals.  Tammy is at the club on many weekends to supply your order.  Contact tammy at:
You may purchase items from Land’s End - CRYC logo items may be purchased through Lands' End.  You will need to create your own account and create a library of logos that you can use.  Although there are a few steps involved, it is worth the time setting it all up. When you order an item, you can preview it and adjust the placement of the logo on the garment.  Here's how to get set up:    
     1.Log in or create an account with Lands' End Business (This is separate from regular Lands' End.)
     2.Once you have created an account and/or signed in, use the drop down menu under your name in the upper right corner to click on "Logos". 
     3.Click on "Associate a Logo to my Account" 
     4.Use Logo #'s: 1150832 and/or 1150825 and Customer #: 7179521
That's all there is to it!  You are ready to order. 

>More Opportunities to Serve

  • If you have ideas and suggestions to share please feel free to email or call.  If you would like to assist with a committee, event or project, trust me, we have a job for you.
  • Fleet Surgon – Individual with medical credentials (doctor, PA, nurse) to provide health service guidance to the decision making body of the club.
  • Club photographer - Volunteer needed to photo document club events.  Wide range of access granted.
  • Coffee / Donut Person – Seeking individual(s) to setup breakfast at four events over the year.  65 cup coffeemaker provided.  Purchase dounuts / fruit locally.
  • Public relations / Recruiting  – Seeking individuals to represent the club at various community events to provide information about the club and recruit new members. 
  • Public relations / Media – Seeking individuals to provide updates to local and regional media with the goal of increasing awareness of the club and its activities.
  • Contact: for info on the above positions

>Upcoming Events

Person Overboard Seminar  (health regulations permitting)
Corsica River Yacht Club will be hosting America’s Boating Club Kent Narrows (formerly Kent Narrows Sail and Power Squadron) free seminar at CRYC on Saturday, August 15 at 10:00 am. The two-hour Person Overboard Seminar and On-the-Water Workshop will begin on land with the seminar component and follow with an on-the-water component to practice our skills.
People fall overboard, especially in rough weather and high seas. Discover how to equip and maneuver your boat to retrieve someone in the water. Essential for all boaters, this seminar teaches you what to do if you fall overboard as well as how to retrieve someone else. No matter where you boat -- on the Chesapeake Bay, lake, or ocean -- this course is for you! What's included?
• How to recover a crewmember who has fallen overboard
• Vessel set-up and man overboard (MOB) equipment
• Maneuvering to keep the rescuer close to the person in the water
Please bring a bag lunch!
Interested? Please contact Patti Eney to register (773-351-2403) or

All club sponsored events through 15 August are cancelled.  All others are tentative
1    Aug                                  Private Event  Pavilion                   Nowak
15  Aug                                  Person Overboard Seminar           USSPS
22  Aug                                  Private Event  Pavilion                   Walter
6    Sep                                  Private Event  Pavilion                   Layden
12  Sep                                  Fall Series 1                                  Comets, Lasers
12  Sep                                  Movie Nite- Moby Dick                  Commodore
14  Sep                                  Private Event  Pavilion                   Luna
19  Sep                                  Fall Series 2                                  Comets, Lasers
19  Sep                                  Movie Nite- TBD                          Commodore 
26  Sep                                  Fall Series 3                                 Comets, Lasers
26  Sep                                  Movie Nite- TBD                          Commodore
27  Sep                                  Crab Feast                                        Social

View Calendar for 2020

>Contact the CRYC Board

Email:  Your email will be received all board members.
To contact Commodore Mike Hollis, send email to
View Phone Directory for BOD Members

>Classified Ads

Would you like to advertise here?  Got something to sell?  Are you a skipper seeking a crew or crew seeking a boat?  Contact or
FOR SALE: 420 Sailboats.  The Club is selling 3 excess 420 sailboats.  All are in good condition.  $350.00 ea.  No trailer.  Contact Art Silcox 571 213 9356 or  Mar 2020.

Hull Type:   Centerboard Dinghy
Rigging Type:   Fractional Sloop
LOA:   16.00 ft / 4.88 m
LWL:   15.00 ft / 4.57 m
Beam:   5.50 ft / 1.68 m
Draft max:   1.75 ft / 0.53 m
Draft (min):   0.50 ft / 0.15 m
Sail Area: 140.00 ft2 / 13.01 m2
Displacement:   260 lb / 118 kg
Construction:   FG
First Built:   1932
# Built:   4000
Designer:   C. Lowndes Johnson
Notes;  The design was first displayed in a 'Yachting' magazine article of 1932.
Early wood boats were built by Skaneateles Boats Inc. NY
Most recent builder: Whitecap Composites, Peabody, MA 

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