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The first intercluster meeting between airlines and handlers took place today. Together we look at how Air Cargo Belgium can support them in our lobbying work.
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ECS/2 - friendly reminder

By attached letter (in Dutch), customs want to draw your attention on ECS/2 for:
  1. Return shipments from GHA to agent
  2. Receiving ‘Confirmation Handling’ messages via e-mail
  1. Return shipments from GHA to agent
In a communication at the beginning of 2022, customs and ACB already informed you about the way Transfers from GHAs to agents in case shipments need to return, should be handled. 

Customs wants to remind you on the way of working.
If a Transfer is being sent from a GHA to an agent, agents should be able to accept the Transfer by a Confirmation Handling message.
Only then, the goods are back under the responsibility of the agent and it will become possible to move on with the goods.
Technical specifications of this message are available here: Actueel | FOD Financiën (
  1. Receiving ‘Confirmation Handling’ messages via e-mail
Agents that want to get a copy of the Confirmation Handling (the follow-up message GHAs are sending to customs as an acceptance of the Transfer), are offering this possibility via e-mail.
To receive a copy of these messages, agents should deliver an e-mail address together with the company name and EORI-number to before 28/02/2023.
Be aware that the e-mail addresses will be uploaded in bulk in PLDA, there will not be offered the possibility to upload an additional e-mail address after 28/02/2023.
In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact Klara Pasgang:

Click here for the attached letter.

Is your company interested in Dag van de Luchtvracht?

After a successful edition last year, we would like to organize our 'Dag van de Luchtvracht' again this year so that students from different colleges and study directions can get acquainted with the world of air cargo.

The concept is as follows: we are introducing BRUcargo to second-year Logistics and Supply Chain Management students by offering them an informative session and 2 company visits. The tour may be either in the office areas or in the warehouses and would last about an hour.

The colleges that will participate are: Thomas More, HoGent, Arteveldehogeschool, UCLL, Odisee and AP Hogeschool.

This year the day is scheduled for Wednesday, March 29. If your company is interested in participating in this event and introducing some groups of students into our air cargo environment, you may contact

Cargo volumes down on last year (-12%), but belly cargo increased (+10%)

In January, cargo traffic at Brussels Airport fell by 12% compared to January 2022. This drop is partly due to the Chinese New Year, which was in January this year, resulting in lower volumes, the ongoing geopolitical tensions have an impact on cargo volumes as well.
Compared to January 2022, we see a decline in the full-freighter segment (-25%), integrator services (-6%) and trucked cargo (-17%). Belly cargo on the other hand increased by 10% given the gradual increase in passenger flights.  

Asia remains the largest import and export region. Africa is the second region in terms of imports, followed by North America. For export, North America comes second ahead of Africa.

The number of cargo flights decreased by 9% compared to 2022. 

How dnata is using digital checklists for the inspection of pharma, DG and damages

By Nallian
At BRUcargo, various ground handlers and forwarders have already replaced paper checklists by a digital approach. Pharma, DG, damages, ramps… are now checked via a mobile app (Check-it). This maximises quality and compliance, avoids excessive e-mailing with customers (and other stakeholders) and operational staff appreciates the ease of execution.
At dnata, it is used to run checks on pharma, damages, and dangerous goods. Read here the interview with Kristel de Bruyn (Business Information Manager), Johan Rosiers (Business Unit Manager), and Gilles Raes (Duty Manager) and learn how they are using it.

Birgit Andries (Head of Airfreight @Scan Global Logistic) & Greg Moriau (Operations Director @Hazgo)

This week we celebrated Valentine’s Day! Therefore, we wanted to celebrate a couple at BRUcargo by interviewing them. We had a talk with Greg (Hazgo) and Birgit (Scan Global Logistics). They have been together for 7 years, and met each other at BRUcargo.  

To begin, where do you work and what is your job? 

Birgit: Head of Airfreight at Scan Global Logistic. A forwarder that specializes, among other things, in transporting vaccines for the African region. We mainly work for non-profit organizations.

Of course, we also handle ordinary shipments, and have an office in Mechelen that handles sea freight. 

Greg: Operations Director at Hazgo. Hazgo is a dangerous goods service provider for the logistics sector. For many companies within the community, Hazgo helps to make shipments with dangerous products ready for carriage and/or to carry out pre-acceptance checks. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, we have also focused more on offering temperature-controlled packaging for pharmaceutical products. We are proud to have been an important partner in the national and international distribution of the Covid-19 vaccines.

How did you end up here in the zone? And how did you come to where you are now?  

Birgit: I did my internship at Wilson (now Geodis) in 1999-2000, but I never studied logistics. I studied corporate communication at HAM (now Thomas More). My internship was marketing-oriented, but I stuck around in logistics. I started my career at Finnair, together with Marc Muys, who gave me all the opportunities to grow and learn. Besides that, I studied logistics and dangerous goods in evening school, from where I moved on to other opportunities and was able to grow into the position I have now. 

Greg: In August of my final year at VUB, I did a student job as a driver at Dangerous Goods International. This was also a company that specialized in dangerous goods. At the end of this student job, they offered me to stay, and I accepted. It was not my original plan, but like Birgit, I stayed and specialized in the regulation of transport of dangerous goods. I was able to join at the start of Hazgo, and this is where I still continue to work since 2009.

I also heard that you teach together? 

Together we teach classes, including Dangerous goods, at Aviato Academy. This also includes in-house trainings for customers, but it is always through Aviato Academy. We divide the work between us, such as compiling the course, making presentations, setting up exams and exercises. Each of us has their "specialty." Birgit has been teaching DG for 22 years and I have been teaching for 8 years. We do this on top of our full-time job and it can be challenging at times, but we both enjoy it very much. 


What do you enjoy most about your job? 

Birgit: No day is the same. You never know how your day will go. It is working against the clock, which comes with a bit of stress. When the shipments go well or you have accomplished something almost impossible, it is very rewarding. The mindset and atmosphere of the company also make a major difference. You spend so many hours together, so it better be enjoyable. Complaining and whining goes hand in hand with laughing, singing, and having fun. I don’t see myself doing anything other than this and I often think I could write a book of everything that happens here at BRUcargo.  

Greg: I have never gone a day to work with reluctance. Hazgo is a very nice project that I have been able to work on since its inception. The tremendous entrepreneurial vibe within the company ensures that you continue to be challenged and can develop yourself personally.  

Did you meet each other at BRUcargo? 

Actually, yes. We have known each other for 14 years now. 7 years just as a customer and 7 years as a couple. 

We were together in the Bafi Young Forwarders meetings, had some projects together such as the information days at HAM. The spark only ignited at the BAFI Young Forwarders Brucargocup. And it took a while because there was a lot at stake for both of us. I found it not easy to start a relationship with someone who was my co-worker for teaching DG and whom I  was a customer of. We have very clear agreements at home. There is little to no talking about work, ofcourse we out our frustrations about our work day, like in every family. But we are strict in not talking about clients, prices, agreements, and internal information. Often Greg knows something months before and I hear it afterwards from others.  

As a last question, what will you be doing for Valentine?   

We do not really celebrate this holiday, but we do wish each other a lovely Valentines day. We are a newly blended family with two big teenage boys of almost 18 and 15, and a daughter Bo of 5 from us together. Obviously, she has completely wrapped the boys around her finger, and they dance to her tune. She is a real daddy's girl. In May 2023, we are getting married, a celebration we are very much looking forward to.  

Welcome aboard

Hello, BRUcargo community! My name is Arne Van Craen, I am a student in Logistics management at Thomas More. During this semester, I will complete my bachelor's degree with a project internship at Air Cargo Belgium. The vibrant aviation industry has always been my passion. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to expand my skills and knowledge at ACB. I am excited to develop my fascinating project, which suits my interests and study field.
The CargoRun project aims for truck capacity optimisation at BRUcargo. We will explore the opportunities of a milkrun-concept. I will conduct analyses and use cases at an operational and business level. I am grateful for my team’s support and I will learn a lot from their expertise.

Whit a common passion for aviation, I'm looking forward to meeting all of you!
Hello Air Cargo Belgium community! I am delighted to introduce myself as Abduldaim Mouazen, a third-year student in Supply Chain Management. Throughout my academic career, I have been fascinated by the interconnected nature of global supply chains and the role they play in shaping our economy. I am eager to continue learning about the latest trends and best practices in this field, as well as gaining practical experience through my internship at the project-based ACB.
I will be working on introducing a sustainability dashboard for the airport community, which will provide a clear insight into our sustainability performance. I am looking forward to contribute to a sustainable future of our community!

Register for REST-screening demo

On February 28th ACB organizes a REST-screening demo in cooperation with ICTS Europe.

REST, Remote Explosive Scent Tracing, a screening technique, especially developed to screen large volumes of cargo simultaneously. Firstly, an employee takes a sample of air from closed units like trailers, containers or ULDs. Afterwards one dog will check said sample on possible explosives.

REST could offer a solution for large shipments, mostly for delicate and valuable cargo. Time decrease could be achieved as cargo does not need to be unloaded. With expertise from ICTS, working with the REST-screening method on a daily basis, the community is welcome to ask any questions.

Please contact Nathan Goethals to register for the demo.

Register now for Air Cargo Europe

Air Cargo Europe
              Munich, Germany
Date:                     9 - 12 May 2023
Conference info:  Air Cargo Europe website
Main focus:          Perishables, pharma, air cargo in general
Is your company interested in joining the Brussels Airport booth at Air Cargo Europe? Please, let Pauline Van Dun know before March 31.

You'll find more practical information and prices on the two-pager.

Register for the BRUcargo jobfair

On March 9, 2023 Air Cargo Belgium and Aviato will join forces to organize a special edition Job fair, for BRUcargo only. This will be a restricted job fair, with a few preselected potential candidates based on the available vacancies within the community. Please keep in mind that candidates might not yet have experience in airfreight administration.
The job fair will take place from 14h00 until 17h00 in Building 54 (Ringlaan 68, 1831 Machelen). Under the form of a ‘speed dating’ principle, the companies present will be given a table and the potential candidates will join one by one. We have in mind to welcome an average of 10-12 companies. Aviato screens the candidates beforehand and organizes the matching.

To qualify, companies must:
  • Have at least one open vacancy, published on the Aviato-website
  • Take into account that we will most likely have candidates without experience at BRUcargo or air freight in general
Are you interested in taking part? Register below, and we will contact you. We will work under the motto "first come, first served", so the first companies signed up will be given priority.

Subscribe via this link 

Cyber security: crucial in the logistics chain by VOKA

On Thursday, March 9th,  VOKA is organizing a free webinar on the reporting obligations regarding sustainability. Starting from the financial year 2025, large companies will be obliged to report on sustainability. During this webinar, insights into the European directive will be provided, with a focus on how it will be implemented in Belgium and what standards exist so far.
All information and the registration link can be found here.

If you are unable to participate but are still interested in this topic, you can also register since all registrants will automatically receive a recording of the webinar afterwards.

Cyber security: crucial in the logistics chain by VIL

ACB would like to inform you on an event on cyber security, organized by VIL together with Toreon. This event will take place on February 28th, from 13h30 until 18h00. Click here for more information or to subscribe.
Below, you may find an overview of training courses that we offer in cooperation with Aviato Academy.
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