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List of Powerful Topic Ideas for Your Obesity Essay


Obesity is a widespread disease that is affecting all the age groups. It includes adolescents, children, elderly and adults.

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In this writing piece, we have provided a list of some topics that are related to obesity. You can paraphrase them or accept them as they are.



  • What measures can schools and colleges take to decrease obesity rates?
  • Can obesity be considered a mental illness? Explain why.
  • The problem of obesity in your country.
  • Describe the relationship between depression and obesity.
  • How does the right kind of daily routine prevent obesity?
  • Analyze obesity from a sociological perspective.
  • Obesity and cultural aspects.
  • Compare and contrast obesity and anorexia.
  • Obesity and cultural norms: the issue of self-fulfillment.
  • The consequences of obesity.
  • Obesity is a mental dilemma that affects the personality of an individual.
  • Obesity vs overweight: the usage of Body Mass Index.
  • Why are obesity rates constantly growing?
  • Methods of prevention the obesity, you can get data on professional essay writing service about it.
  • Obesity: the history of the disease.
  • Discriminating fat individuals at the workplace – Ways to resolve it
  • Movements like body-positive and feminism promote obesity to a particular extent
  • Who is more prone to obesity, men or women? Why?
  • Why the rates of childhood obesity are continually increasing around the world?
  • Discuss the main reasons for childhood obesity in your state?
  • How obesity in childhood has increased the risk of obesity in adulthood?
  • Explore how a child’s obesity influences academic achievement.
  • Parents with obese children are always guilty.
  • Excess of care as the reason for childhood obesity.
  • Correlation between obesity and life expectancy.
  • Does lacking self-control become a major factor in becoming obese?
  • What are the effects of mass media in increasing the obesity level?
  • What methods are used to prevent childhood obesity in your school or college?
  • What steps the government should take to limit children’s obesity?
  • Fast-food chains should have age restrictions for their visitors. Comment on this claim.
  • Are obese or overweight couples more prone to have an overweight baby?
  • The societal stigma of obese people, data available on essay writing service usa.
  • How can we encourage children to lead a healthy lifestyle?
  • How junk and fast food is related to the growing rates of childhood obesity?
  • What is medical therapy for obese kids?
  • Who is responsible for obesity: people themselves, government, mass media, local officials, or someone else?
  • Describe how childhood obesity can result in premature development of chronic diseases.
  • What steps parents should take to bring up their kids in order to limit obesity?
  • Overweight vs obesity
  • Analyze the significance of proper healthy food in the college’s cafeterias.
  • The compulsory treatment for obese children should be started up.
  • The least obvious reasons for obesity.
  • Legislative role in decreasing the obesity level.
  • How can mothers realize that their child is overweight?
  • How can the level of wealth and resources influence the risk of a child’s obesity?
  • Obesity - A mental problem.
  • Obesity and social standards
  • The problem of socializing in obese children.
  • The problem of obesity in the world
  • Ways of preventing obesity.


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