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The Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development (GICR), revamped website was released in May 2019.  Regular updates on current activities, publications and information on the developments in each Hub region.   

The 3rd Edition of the World Cancer Atlas was launched in October. The book prominently features cancer registry data in most chapters providing also regional perspectives. Translation to several languages is underway.  

With the GICRNet, a model of regional trainers to support local capacity building, a fourth Masterclass on Data Analysis was held in Lyon, as part of IARC’s Summer School. Twenty-two participants from all six regional Hubs attended. 

GICR standardized set of teaching materials and educational resources are continuously being made available.  Added in 2019 were: 
  • The Essential TNM User’s Guide, Essential TNM User’s Guideline translations in Spanish and Portuguese  
  • The IARC Learning Portal was launched in November 2019:
A first module of the GICR Learning Platform, an online tool for cancer registries, is underway, with "introduction to the planning and organization of population-based cancer registries" as the topic. Once completed, users will be able to access self-learning modules, exercises, and a reference library of key educational sources. Content for each module will be drawn from GICRNet training material and the corresponding chapter in the IARC publication, Cancer Registration: Principals Principles and Methods.

IARC is currently seeking partners to help fund the development of the remaining modules. Those interested should contact the   

The 41st Annual Scientific Conference of the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR) was and held jointly with the NAACCR Annual Conference, in Vancouver, Canada with 495 cancer registration, surveillance experts and students from 36 Countries and three US Territories. The IACR Director, Dr E. Weiderpass, delivered the IACR Clemmesen Lecture on IARC’s vision.  Other keynote speakers included Drs Nadine Caron , James Brierley (Canada), Anil Chaturvedi (US) and Alejandro Mohar Betancourt (Mexico).

With IACR, endorsed the Toronto Childhood Cancer Stage Guidelines and associated staging rules for use by population-based cancer registries. On 21 October 2019, during the 2nd International Consensus Meeting on Pediatric Staging for Cancer Registries, a follow-up meeting of the Toronto staging consensus was held.  Updates to the Toronto pediatric staging guidelines and proposed additional data items that should be collected by the registries because of their prognostic value were finalized and will constitute an updated set of recommendations for cancer registries.

IARC and IACR support the standardized formats for pathology reports promoted by the International Collaboration for Cancer Reporting (ICCR). Standardized formats for the main cancers are translated to various major languages and available at the ICCR website.

The IARC / WHO ICD-O Committee has updated the currently recommended ICD-O-3.1 classification (pdf available from: ICD-O, with new morphology codes and terms from the 4th series of WHO Classification of Tumours [Blue Books]). The new version, ICD-O-3.2, recommended for use from 2019, is available from the IACR website. The IACR Working Group on ICD-O Updates has compiled a listing of additions, changes and revisions between ICD-O-3.1 and ICD-O-3.2 as a reference material for cancer registries. Documents are available for comment. 

International cancer benchmark study published in the Lancet Oncology shows progress in cancer survival, in September 2019.

The third session of the SurvCan-3 webinar series entitled “Data Collection for Survival Studies: data quality & and assessment for survival analysis focusing on trace back of DCO cases” was held on 18 December 2018. The purpose of this webinar was to provide an overview of the impact of trace-back of DCO cases in several examples of the SURVCAN-3 specific studies. More information on the SurvCan-3 website

CANREG5 updates and projects: Childhood Cancer Facilitated with the European Network of Cancer Registries (ENCR) and the Cancer Registry of Slovenia, the course “Principles and practice of cancer registration” and Workshop on planning and developing cancer registries in South Eastern Europe was held in Ljubljana, Nov 2019.

GICR staff participated and provided inputs to the review of the IMPACT / national cancer control capacities convened by IAEA and attended by representatives from WHO, IARC, UNODC, UICC, together with staff from across the IAEA working in cancer control Dec 2019. A total of 101 imPACT Reviews have been conducted to date, most recently for Armenia, Burkina Faso, Ecuador, Seychelles and Sri Lanka.

Hosted at IARC Section of Cancer Surveillance for fellowship / mentorships:  
  • Anton Ryzhov, Ukraine, under the UICC Yamagiwa Memorial International Cancer Study Grant
  • Dr Gholamreza Roshandel, Golestan Research Center of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Iran.  Dr Roshandel’s project during his stay at IARC will focus on Esophageal Cancer Trends in Golestan province during last 50 years.
  • Dr. Marianna de Camargo Cancela, National Cancer Institute of Brazil (INCA)  and worked on a quality assessment of data from Brazilian cancer registries for publication in 2020.
  • Dr Marie-Claire Andrieu, Qatar National Cancer Registry

Save these Dates:

13-15 Oct 2020: Annual Scientific Conference, International Association of Cancer Registries, hosted by the New Caledonia Cancer Registry, Noumea, New Caledonia
Caribbean Hub  
  • Site visits: Guyana to assess the national cancer registry operations; Antigua and Barbuda to provide technical guidance for the development and implementation of a population-based cancer registry; and to Aruba to provide advocacy and technical guidance for the development and implementation of a population-based cancer registry.
  • The Caribbean Hub participated in and presented at the 64th CARPHA Annual Health Research Conference in Trinidad and Tobago in June 2019.  A presentation titled “Supporting the improvement of data availability for cancer control and prevention in the Caribbean” was made by GICRNet expert Ms Sarah Quesnel-Crooks.
  • Presented the following at the IARC-NAACCR 2019 Conference (June 2019):
  • A detailed proposal and budget for a regional cancer registry to support cancer registration in the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States - a ten-member Caribbean country grouping – was developed in collaboration with the OECS Health Unit. Presented to the OECS Council of Ministers of Health Meeting by the IARC Caribbean Cancer Registry Hub, December 4-5, 2019
  • Preparation of a ‘Data Use Agreement’ to manage sharing of data by registries with the Hub for the conduct of external data quality assessments.
Latin America Hub
  • GICR Partner Countries negotiated: El Salvador signed Partner country agreement; Mexico agreement is ongoing.
  • Renewal of agreement with Uruguay National Cancer Registry as Collaborating Centre for the IARC Regional Hub
  • imPACT missions:  Ecuador,  2019 March 18 to 22, included the evaluation of the cancer surveillance component
  • Site visit to the population registries of cancer in Quito and Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Cooperation among Countries for Health Development (CCHD) project, “Generation of key information for the planning and monitoring of cancer control programs in five selected Latin American countries” committed and signed.  Activities held in 2019:
    • First activity was the field visit / site assessment in Guatemala by Dr Graciela Abriata;
    • GICRNet expert Betty Carballo visited and provided assistance and training for the Cancer Registry of Arequipa, Peru on CanReg5;
    • Dr. Esther de Vries, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, reviewed critical processes of the Cancer Registry of Metropolitan Lima during the visit to Lima, Peru September 16 to 19. 
    • Dr. Marion Piñeros in San Salvador, El Salvador (September 23-25) to follow-up interest from the Ministry of Health on the collection of cases of the Population Registry of Cancer of San Salvador.  Several of the institutions were visited and an activity plan was developed for the beginning of the registry activities;
    • Dr. Graciela Nicolás of INC Argentina and Dr Enrique Gil of the PAHO Office of the Sub-Regional South America made a field visit to the Cancer Registry of Asunción, Paraguay (October 21-24).
    • INC Argentina developed a training workshop in cancer mortality analysis aimed at CCHD countries. Peru and Paraguay participated; professionals from several of the Argentine provinces also benefited. More information at
    • Dr. Constanza Pardo, National Cancer Institute INC Colombia and Dr. Enrique Gil, PAHO Sub Regional Office for South America visited the National Cancer Registry of Panama, November 12 to 15. The activity included meetings with the registry team, meetings with the PAHO Country Representative, senior executives of the Ministry of Health and visits to various sources of information.
  • 85th anniversary of the National Cancer Institute of Colombia in August 2019 celebrated with the participation of IARC/GICR with several lectures.
  • Participation  in the WHO Global Childhood Cancer Initiative meeting in Lima, Peru (June 2019)
  • GICR/IARC discussions with the Ministry of Health of Peru, the Registry of Lima, paediatricians of INEN and the director of INEN to improve population-based paediatric data (June 2019).
  • Basic workshop for cancer registrars held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Nov 2019  under the leadership of National Cancer Institute of the Dominican Republic (INCART) and support from PAHO Dominican Republic and French Embassy.  GICRNet expert Dr. Claudia Uribe, Bucaramanga Cancer Registry and Dr. Marion Piñeros of IARC as faculty of the workshop.
  • Inauguration of Dominican Republic Cancer Registry on 29 Nov 2019. An initiative from INCART in collaboration with Ministry of Health, supported by PAHO Country office and Embassy of France. The registry is hosted at the Faculty of Medicine Universidad ASD.
  • El Salvador. With the support of GICR, the AMCA Foundation (Switzerland) and Basic Health, the Ministry of Health organized and conducted the workshop for cancer registrars in December, in San Salvador, El Salvador. The faculty of this workshop was GICRNet expert Dr. Katy Heise, Valdivia Cancer Registry.
Northern Africa, Central and Western Asia (IZMIR) Hub
  • An intermediate level, joint IARC / WHO EURO cancer registration course for Russian-speaking participants was conducted in Moldova in January 2019.
  • An Action Plan with the WHO EMRO for activities in 2019 including training and country support has been agreed upon.
  • Setting the Framework for Validation of Hepatitis Elimination in Egypt where data on cancer registry will be used to support evidence to the success of the national program. Discussion ongoing with local stakeholders including MoH, WHO, and IARC.
  • Izmir Cancer Registry hosted teams from Palestine and from Iraq for on-site training
  • Site visits Iraq in July 2019; Georgia Cancer Registry in October 2019, follow-up ongoing
  • Workshop on NCD Surveillance, 11 March 2019 and visit to the Oman Cancer Registry.
  • IARC and WHO EMRO basic level Cancer registration workshop was conducted in Cairo with 19 participants from 12 EMR countries
  • Cancer surveillance session of the NCD Surveillance Workshop for Saudi Arabia organised by WHO EMRO; with a one day site visit to the Saudi Arabian Cancer Registry.
  South, East, and South-East Asia (MUMBAI) Hub
  • Dr Kayo Nakata (Osaka International Cancer Center) provided assistance with the development of Hanoi Cancer Registry in Vietnam in March 2019
  • The National Cancer Centre of the Republic of Korea as IARC/WHO GICR Collaborating Centre in Asia National Cancer Center of Korea conducted the 1st IARC GICR-NCC GCSP Summer School aimed to enhance educational opportunities for health workers from low - and middle-income countries as a way to develop those nations’ professional capacity in cancer control, prevention, treatment, and research;  the program consisted of basic cancer registration and its role in cancer epidemiology, cancer registration: basic principles/methods of data abstraction/International Classification (IDC-10 and ICD-O-3)/staging, person-years, crude and age standardization, quality control of data, CanReg5, outcome indicators for a national cancer control program, CI5, and GLOBOCAN 2018.
  • In collaboration with the European Society for Medical Oncology, the Danish Cancer Society, and selected registries in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, IARC is implementing the study to evaluate clinical outcomes in lung cancer. The study is expected to be conducted through to 2021 and will include capacity building workshops on data collection and analyses. 
  • Dr Isabelle Soerjomataram met with the Bangkok and Malaysian Cancer Registry to discuss projects where cancer registry data will be used to assess implementation of prevention and early detection programmes and future capacity-building activities
Pacific Islands Hub
  • The Pacific Commission (SPC) and the WHO Western Pacific Regional Office Division of Pacific Technical Support (WPRO DPS) have agreed to serve as the Hub for the region to be based in Suva, Fiji. The contribution from both organizations is greatly appreciated and permits the next phase of development.
  • A Hub Advisory Committee has been formed to provide guidance and oversee the governance. Four country representatives selected from each sub region (Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia), together with representatives from the SPC, WPRO DPS, IARC, and selected partners.
  • A site visit to Tonga was conducted in December.    
  • The Cancer Registry of New Caledonia is hosting the 42nd IACR Annual Scientific Conference in Noumea in October 2019.  NC Cancer Registry is actively involving FRANCIM, local health partners in the preparations and conference programme. A GICR Technical Training Workshop for the registries in the Pacific Islands will form part of the pre-conference activities.    
Sub-Saharan Africa Hub / African Cancer Registry Network
  • 7-13 January 2019, Gladys Chesumbai  (Eldoret CR, Kenya) visited the healthcare facilities in Burundi and held talks with Director of NCD Program, Dr. Estere Manirakiza (the only oncologist in the country) and Dr. Louise Ngendahayo- Anatomic Pathologist and cancer registry focal point.
  • A document Strategic Implementation Plan for National Cancer Registry, Tanzania (2019 – 2020) has been prepared.  After consideration, the Ocean Road Cancer Institute has been appointed to be the coordination centre for the national cancer registration programme, on behalf of the MoH of Tanzania. 
  • The Bloomberg Data for Health Initiative has partnered with AFCRN to provide technical guidance to country partners and to the implementation team at Vital Strategies, and necessary trainings. The pilot country in SSA is Tanzania (since 2017). In 2019, Zambia has been included in this Initiative.  The goal is to develop a national cancer registration programme for the countries. With the support from Bloomberg DHI, AFCRN has conducted a series of consultancy visits and training courses for the centres. Further onsite support are being carried out to the Tanzanian centres in November 2019 and an assessment visit to the Zambian centres are planned for December 2019.  More training and courses for the two countries are also in planning for early 2020.
  • AFCRN held pre-AORTIC meeting for 1.5 days (4-5th Nov) in Maputo and reviewed the activities and researches carried out during 2019, held discussions on ongoing and future research collaborations, and potential future activities.
  • AFCRN hosted an entire session at the 2019 AORTIC conference: The Benchmark for Cancer Registries in Africa
  • Various trainings and consultancies Jan-Dec 2019 provided by GICRNet trainers Gladys Chesumbai, Anne Korir, Fred Awittor
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