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We win in Finland for StepUp! Campaign's video competition!

At the end of 2016, I was approached by Noora Tossavainen and her team to take part in their video for the Step-up! Campaign video competition started by the WAVE organisation, who supports the help against violence to women.

'Travelling' was the piece used in their video, “Speak” which came first for Finland in regional placements.

Now this film will continue to the European competition where we are competing against 6 other countries.

In this European competition each video has a viewer's vote section, which is based on the views on every video on YouTube.


So, if you want to support us and "vote" for us, please watch the video again from the  image above or the link below:


I hope you guys can help and I look forward to and appreciate any support you give towards this!


Thanks for reading :)

- James.


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