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August 3, 2017

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Greetings Upper Rockridge Neighbors,     

This is your monthly URNA Newsletter to help us better stay in contact with you!
(This mailing is addressed to: Current and Former Members of URNA, Volunteers, Newsletter subscribers. Feel free to forward to anyone and ask them to subscribe)


URNA/Bay Alarm Partnership : July 1, 2017 
After URNA patrols provider SC3 (San Jose) discontinued their business in Oakland, we worked out a strategic partnership with 46 year old, well-known BAY ALARM to provide the patrols in our area. Unlike many surrounding areas, the URNA coverage area is unique in that it contains a lot of households that contract with Bay Alarm in some fashion already - they are well established here, and it is likely you've seen their patrols driving our streets already. So, it made sense for URNA to consider partnering with them, and for Bay to court URNA members. They are a local company with infrastructure in our area that is very well established, including a local dispatch center, and multiple patrol cars.


Bay Alarm Residential Patrol Service has great Features:

We think you'll really appreciate the services provided!  A sales brochure can be viewed with link below but here is a short summary.
  • Random Patrols with well marked vehicles: 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!
  • Suspicious Activity dispatch: call when you observe something suspicious in your area
  • Alarm response: If you have an alarm your monitoring service can dispatch Bay patrols
  • Vacation Watch: Inspect daily/collect mail
  • Safety Escort
  • ONLINE access to patrol logs - see the passes patrols make on daily basis
  • URNA members also receive discounts on any other Bay Alarm services offered...

Click to view Bay Alarm Patrols Services Brochure ->  Bay Patrol Services Brochure
THE NEW BAY PATROLS are less costly for URNA Full members, and same for Associate members. CLICK HERE for more info.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE BAY ALARM hardware or monitoring, or even an alarm to have parol services.  PLEASE READ OUR ENTIRE FAQ about the new services: 


PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING URNA. We have a low-low rate for Associate members now too. Help us keep the neighborhood safe. Thx.

URNA has over 300 Newsletter subscribers but only a portion of you contribute to patrols, so please help keep your residence and our community safe by joining now.

ALREADY AN URNA MEMBER?  Click below to go right to the new patrols signup forms and information:

BERKELEY HILLS FIRE SQUASHED - Scary reminder of past
/ Dan Kalb statement

A fire broke out in the hills above the Berkeley campus this week and it was a scary reminder of the 1991 Oakland Hills firestorm to those residents that have been around since then. Fortunately the Berkeley Fire Dept with aid from numerous other agencies/departments got the fire under control in less than 24 hours. All residents of the hills are at risk, but we also are thankful that coordination of fire fighters is improved since the 1991 tragedy.
Our URNA area city council person Dan Kalb send the following statement to the URNA Facebook Page:

"I want to give my heartfelt thanks to the hard-working fire crews from the City of Oakland, City of Berkeley, EBRPD, Moraga-Orinda, CalFire, Contra Costa County and Alameda County fire departments for their work in making sure the Grizzly Fire in the Berkeley and Oakland hills is contained.

Fortunately, no one has been injured and no structures have burned down.

Nevertheless, we must be ever-vigilant to reduce the risk of wildfires in our hills. The City of Oakland is in the process of completing a new Vegetation Management Plan to reduce fire risk in our wildfire area. We are also hiring additional vegetation management wildfire inspectors.

Thank you again to all the hard-working firefighters who took part and are taking part in this multi-jurisdictional effort." -Dan Kalb

AREA CRIME MAP  JULY continued a slight increase in crime after a calm March/April.  Several robberies and if you read NextDoor (you should) you'll see a number of car break-ins and some mail theft.  Even some assaults this last month :-(   SEE the PARKING OUTSIDE tips below or on our website.

Check out the crime map from JULY below. CLICK on map or link below for interactive version.

The BEST way to view this is interactively via the CrimeMapper link:    If you pick an address close to the center of URNA coverage map (e.g. 77 Clarewood Ln is good), you can see crime in the whole area when you don't limit to the 1 mile radius as shown above...

***FACTOID: THERE ARE OVER 1500 homes in URNA coverage area. Our patrols benefit ALL of them.  Please take part in the collective safety of our neighborhood!  


WHAT TO DO if you see suspicious people or experience crime: 

OPD, Cpt. Wingate made it clear that we should call in all incidents that happen in our area for the simple reason that OPD resources are assigned by need. If there is ANY chance your are in physical danger, please specify it clearly to dispatch, since that can greatly improve response time!
CRO:   We also have a "Community Resource Officer".  So, if you see a suspicious person you can call the CRO and for any more serious incidents, of course call the OPD.
CRO Area2: Kristine Jurgens
Her OPD WORK EMAIL: (preferred)
Work Telephone: (510)507-6560
Area 2 CRO Sergeant: T. Martin
Tel: 510-238-2008
Volunteers/Board Members: We are always looking for more volunteers, and someone to help with community education and outreach.  Please contact us if interested. You are also welcome to attend a board meeting at any time. 

Tax Expert? We are looking for someone to help with Association tax returns...
Membership Options:  Please forward this newsletter to neighbors and anyone who might be interested. Check our new website for the URNA Patrol Coverage Map and Membership info.   THANK YOU.
Don't just subscribe to our free news.
PLEASE CONTRIBUTE by joining URNA and help us expand patrols!

The URNA Website -  a great wealth of info.. We are also on Twitter and Facebook!

CHECK OUT our  Website with many helpful tips and full information.  NOTE: Website is now being revised to reflect new Patrols model for URNA..
If you park a car on the street or have visiting guests doing so, Never leave anything in the car these days. They DO check before breaking in according to sightings in our area, and there does seem to be gangs of people doing this in concert. Secondly, it is not a good idea to leave a garage door opener in your car if you park outside anymore. Thirdly, we keep images of our registration on phone/dropbox and cut the address out of any documents in the car. If your car is broken into at Bart, they may come to house with suspicion you're not home...  Be safe out there!  
NEW: DOES YOUR CAR USE A KEYLESS REMOTE? Mine does, and it has a number of convenient advantages as you already know. No fiddling with keys - just walk up and touch handle. Unfortunately there are disadvantages too that require your attention:  It is easier to leave your remote in the car or misplace it. (as one neighbor found out recently and the car was snatched).  Secondly, there are devices out there that can pick up the signal from your remote fob, amplify it and mimic you standing next to car!!  If you park outside and put key somewhere close to entrance of house, you might want to consider an "RFID" bag to shield the radio waves and prevent this kind of break-in!  Here is a link to an Amazon search for such a bag:
RFID Bag search on Amazon (example only, not endorsement)
Are you on yet?! URNA and the OPD urge you all to join the website to keep up to date on what's going on in the 'hood!  Additionally, Oakland Police have accounts and often post useful info on crimes, statistics for our Area2, etc. Our city councilperson Dan Kalb has been posting crime reports on NextDoor as well. URNA does not receive any money from NextDoor for this advice!
NOTE NOTE!  To join NextDoor, you need a valid address in one of the neighborhood sectors they created. The boundaries are a little funky, in that your neighbor a block away may not be in your neighborhood, and therefore will not see your posts unless they include your neighborhood in their view. You can choose to see posts from many neighborhoods and to receive daily summaries of such posts too. Be sure to check your settings...




With our new Patrol services provided by Bay, you get 24/7 patrols, online access to patrol logs, and other great features!
For full information about what features are included, please visit the website and see JOIN NOW!

WHO WE ARE:  URNA is made up of a small group of volunteers that contribute considerable time, effort to help make our neighborhood safer. The reality of our times is that Oakland Police still is not fully staffed and has limited resources that get allocated more to "hot spots" of the city. URNA is one of about 7 different neighborhood associations doing this type of activity and we meet every several months to share info and also liase with OPD and city council members.
 Did you know URNA now has a Facebook group page? And a Twitter account?  Follow us on these and you can sign up for the newsletter on those pages too!
URNA on Facebook :
URNA on Twitter:
HOW TO EMAIL US:  We have created convenient aliases to contact URNA, as well as through the contact form on the website. Here they are: -- All matters
- Gordie, Brad, Craig, Ben, and Lori

The Upper Rockridge Neighborhood Association is a California nonprofit unincorporated association formed in the Fall of 2014, and is not organized for the private gain of any person. The Association is organized exclusively as a social welfare organization within the meaning of Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.  See Website for List of Board Members.

SC3 Patrol officers are unarmed and do not use racial profiling. They are trained to observe and report suspicious or criminal activity. Their first response to any criminal or safety concern is to contact OPD, and then observe, report, and, when it is safe to do so, assist anyone in need. 

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY OR URGENT SITUATION, ALWAYS CALL 9-1-1 (from landlines) OR THE OPD EMERGENCY LINE (510) 777-3211 (from cell phones) FIRST

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