TypeScript Weekly

Issue #189 — April 21, 2022

Types as Comments with the TypeScript Team

Ryan Cavanaugh and Daniel Rosenwasser talk about the Type Annotations ECMAScript proposal in a JS Party episode on the Changelog podcast.

Ryan Cavanaugh & Daniel Rosenwasser

TypeScript and Set Theory

Iván explores how set theory helps us understand type assignability and resolution in TypeScript.

Iván Ovejero

What is your favorite Node.js ORM in 2022?

We would love to hear about your preferences in this anonymous 1-minute survey. Your input will help us build a better open source ORM for Node.js and TypeScript. Results will be shared via our Twitter account (@prisma) in the coming weeks.

Prisma Team (Sponsored)

Understanding “keyof typeof”

A brief explanation of how the keyword combination keyof typeof works.


Upgrading to React 18 with TypeScript

The upgrade of the React type definitions to support React 18 involved some significant breaking changes. In this post, John digs into that and examines what the upgrade path looks like.

John Reilly


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