TypeScript Weekly

Issue #137 — May 19, 2020

The Great CoffeeScript to TypeScript Migration of 2017

A detailed description of how Dropbox moved their codebase from CoffeeScript over to TypeScript.

Matthew Gerstman

TypeScript Compiler in Rust

How Rust might help narrow the performance gap between starting up JavaScript and TypeScript in Deno.

Kitson Kelly

Hegel: An Advanced Static Type Checker

An advanced static type checker with type inference, a strong type system, and typed errors. No any type and no type coercion, though.

Artem Kobzar

Enhance TypeScript Code Samples with Compiler Diagnostics

How to create beautiful TypeScript code samples at build time using Twoslash (a markup format for TypeScript code) and Shiki (a new syntax highlighter).

Fatih Kalifa