TypeScript Weekly

Issue #190 — May 5, 2022

The Ultimate TypeScript Thread

In this fantastic Twitter thread, Matt keeps sharing TypeScript tips to turn you into a TypeScript wizard. Highly recommended!

Matt Pocock

Filtering Arrays with TypeScript Type Guards

TypeScript can provide a layer of type safety when working with arrays that contain mixed types of elements. However, it can be tricky to properly reflect this in the type system. Spencer explains how to filter arrays and narrow types using TypeScript’s type guards.

Spencer Miskoviak

New White Paper: Guide to Code Reviews

Sema has just published a white paper on why code reviews matter and how to integrate them effectively into your team and organization. The white paper includes: why code reviews are important, how to explain the benefits of code review to a non-technical CEO, and the Six Golden Rules of Code Reviews. You can read the white paper here.

Sema Technologies (Sponsored)

EmberConf 2022 — The Road to TypeScript

What does the road to official TypeScript support for Ember look like? What does it include, and what does it exclude, and why? Why has it taken this long? Chris answers all these questions in his ~31 min talk.

Chris Krycho

New ECMAScript Module Support in TypeScript

Yonatan walks us through how Vivid uses ECMAScript modules and TypeScript’s new nodenext module option to allow consumers to consume the library using either ESM or CommonJS.

Yonatan Kra


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