TypeScript Weekly

Issue #126 — February 18, 2020

Announcing TypeScript 3.8

Following the beta and the RC, the stable version of TypeScript 3.8 has been released. It comes with type-only imports and exports, private fields, the export * as ns syntax, top-level await, and other improvements.

Daniel Rosenwasser

Typing Objects in TypeScript

How objects and properties are typed statically in TypeScript.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Implementing an Opaque Type in TypeScript

An interesting use of assertion functions to implement an opaque type in TypeScript.

Evert Pot

Typing the Technical Interview in TypeScript

How to implement the infamous FizzBuzz interview problem in TypeScript using types only — with no runtime code whatsoever.

Gal Schlezinger

Why is the new TypeScript website internationalized?

A summary of the TypeScript team’s efforts to internationalize the new TypeScript website: how internationalization works, what automation is in place, and what new tools were built to make it all work.

Orta Therox