TypeScript Weekly

Issue #114 — November 4, 2019

Improved Syntax Error for Enum Member Colons

Josh Goldberg documents how he delved into the TypeScript codebase and improved an error message for a syntax error related to enum members.

Josh Goldberg

Debugging the TypeScript Codebase

A few useful tricks for debugging the codebase of the TypeScript compiler.

Andrew Branch


Behind the tagline “Let JSON play nicely with TypeScript”, you’ll find a clever JSON schema validator that’s tightly integrated with TypeScript.

Robbie Ostrow

TypeScript Website: Community Section

The official TypeScript website now features a community section that lists various online resources, in-person conferences, and meetups.

Orta Therox

TypeScript Spec Updates: GitHub Project

The TypeScript team is now tracking various work streams related to spec updates in a project board on GitHub.

TypeScript Team