TypeScript Weekly

Issue #86 — November 27, 2018

Announcing TypeScript 3.2 RC

The release candidate for TypeScript 3.2 has been released and brings stricter types for bind/call/apply, object rest/spread on generic types, support for BigInt, and more!

Daniel Rosenwasser

Using Promise.prototype.finally() in TypeScript

How to configure the compiler and provide a polyfill to use the ES2018 Promise.prototype.finally() method in TypeScript.

Marius Schulz

Conditional Types in TypeScript

An in-depth explanation of conditional types.

David Sheldrick

10++ TypeScript Pro Tips with (or without) React

Useful patterns and patterns that you should avoid.

Martin Hochel

TypeScript Confusion Around Imports Explained

An overview of import * as, namespaces, --esModuleInterop, and more.

Mikhail Bashurov