TypeScript Weekly

Issue #180 — November 11, 2021

How the TypeScript Compiler Compiles

A systems-level look at the TypeScript compiler: how it converts a file into an intermediate representation, checks the validity of that data, and finally emits JavaScript files on disk.

Orta Therox

Speed Up Your TypeScript Monorepo with esbuild

Using esbuild to compile your TypeScript codebase can massively improve your build time. Here’s a “minimal” TypeScript-based Node.js monorepo setup, fully powered by esbuild.

Matteo Mazzarolo

Quokka.js: Quickly test your TypeScript code on the fly

Quokka allows you to test your TypeScript code without leaving your code editor, results are displayed right next to your code and updated immediately, as you type. Highly recommended for any TS/JS developer, especially for those learning the basics.

Wallaby Team (sponsored)

Mastering TypeScript Template Literal Types

How to use TypeScript’s powerful template literal types to dynamically transform string literal types.

Jose Granja

Etsy’s Journey to TypeScript

An overview of how Etsy migrated to TypeScript: their adoption strategy, some technical challenges, and what it took to introduce a new programming language in an established company and codebase.

Salem Hilal