TypeScript Weekly

Issue #154 — October 20, 2020

The Single-Valued Type Pattern for TypeScript

How to build flexible generic APIs by pulling runtime and type variations into a constant that’s statically passed into related functions at every call site.

Drew Colthorp

Understanding TypeScript Generics

An introduction to the utilization of Generics in TypeScript with examples grounded in real-world use cases, such as collections, approaches to error handling, the Repository Pattern, and so on.

Jamie Corkhill

Stop Using any, There’s a Type For That

“Chances are you’ve worked with the any type in TypeScript. It’s widely overused, and subtly dangerous. Let’s explore why you should avoid it, and when you might truly need to use it.”

Alejandro Dustet, Wil Hall

Documenting Your TypeScript Projects: There Are Options

How to use TSDoc and TypeDoc to help you document your TypeScript projects.

Fernando Doglio

Create TypeScript Declarations from JavaScript and JSDoc

How to generate TypeScript type declaration files directly from JavaScript files using information in JSDoc comments.

Nicholas C. Zakas