TypeScript Weekly

Issue #159 — November 26, 2020

Announcing TypeScript 4.1

TypeScript 4.1 has landed and brings template literal types, key remapping in mapped types, recursive conditional types, and other improvements.

Daniel Rosenwasser

Best Practices for Fast-Compiling TypeScript

Microsoft has documented various ways to configure TypeScript to ensure faster compilations and editing experiences. They’ve also shared techniques for investigating slowness, as well as some common fixes.


End-to-End TypeScript: Database, Backend, API, and Frontend

An 18-minute screencast showing how TypeScript can guide you when you’re refactoring code, all the way from the database to the frontend.

Gary Bernhardt

Tidy TypeScript: Prefer Union Types over Enums

The first article in an opinionated series of articles about different ways to keep your TypeScript code neat and tidy.

Stefan Baumgartner


A bit of an esoteric but fun one: an experimental library that implements 8-bit arithmetic in TypeScript’s type system.