TypeScript Weekly

Issue #88 — January 10, 2019

TypeScript 2.8: Conditional Types

TypeScript 2.8 introduced conditional types, a powerful and exciting addition to the type system. This post walks you through basic conditional types, distributive conditional types, and type inference using the infer keyword.

Marius Schulz

The Roadmap for the TypeScript Team

An overview of what the TypeScript team plans to work on for the next 6 months.

Daniel Rosenwasser

TypeScript Type Inference Guide

Lots and lots of information about type inference, including basics, limitations, and best practices.

Tomasz Ducin

JavaScript Promises in Depth

Learn how to use promises and async/await to model all kinds of asynchronous operations in your JavaScript applications.

Watch the Course

Thoughts on Migrating to TypeScript

How to migrate a large codebase to TypeScript.

Ovidiu Bute

Maintaining Overridden Type Definitions for a Dependency

A quick tutorial on how to (temporarily) maintain a locally overridden type definition file for an npm package.

David Gomes

Using TypeScript Transforms to Enrich Runtime Code

How to write and run your own TypeScript transforms.

Florian Rappl