TypeScript Weekly

Issue #198 — January 27, 2023

Announcing TypeScript 5.0 Beta

TypeScript 5.0 is just around the corner! This major release introduces various new features, while aiming to make TypeScript, smaller, simpler, and faster. It also includes a handful of breaking changes and deprecations. The release is slated for March 14th — as always, you can follow the TypeScript 5.0 iteration plan on GitHub.

Daniel Rosenwasser

A Horrifically Deep Dive into TypeScript Module Resolution

This talk breaks down what module resolution means in TypeScript, explains the various options you can set, shows how to debug module resolution problems, and dives in maybe a bit too deep to explore how it works in different situations. For even more module resolution goodness, check out the pull request that implemented the --moduleResolution bundler option.

Ian VanSchooten

Zod with Matt Pocock

On this episode of the PodRocket podcast, Matt Pocock talked about Zod, an excellent library for TypeScript-first schema validation with static type inference.

Matt Pocock & Paul Mikulskis

Learn How to Migrate Large TypeScript Codebases

A podcast series of in-depth interviews where Joe Previte chats with experts, open-source maintainers, and web developers to distill the practice of migrating large-scale applications to TypeScript.

Joe Previte

Generate Literal Types for Number Ranges in TypeScript

Different approaches for creating types for a range of numbers in TypeScript’s type system.

Serhii Bilyk

Curated by Marius Schulz
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