TypeScript Weekly

Issue #111 — October 2, 2019

Announcing TypeScript 3.7 Beta

TypeScript 3.7 is around the corner and is promising to be a feature-packed release. Try the beta today and play around with Optional Chaining (the ?. operator), Nullish Coalescing (the ?? operator), recursive type aliases, and more typed goodness.

Daniel Rosenwasser

Typing the Untyped: Soundness in Gradual Type Systems

Implementing a gradual type system involves making tradeoffs between soundness (catching as many errors as possible) and completeness (not rejecting valid programs) that fundamentally impact the usability and usefulness of the type system. An examination of some of these tradeoffs by Ben Weissmann.

Ben Weissmann

JavaScript Promises in Depth

Learn how to use promises and async/await to model all kinds of asynchronous operations in your JavaScript applications.

Watch the Course

Celebrating Another Year of TypeScript

TypeScript turned 7 years old on October 1, 2019! A look at where TypeScript began and how it grew over the years.

Ben Coveney

TypeScript, GraphQL, and Product Thinking

As a guest on the React Podcast, Chris Toomey talks about TypeScript vs. JavaScript, Elm vs. React, GraphQL, product development, and more. I really enjoyed the conversation (53 minutes), would recommend to listen!

Michael Chan & Chris Toomey