TypeScript Weekly

Issue #112 — October 15, 2019

Definitely Typed: The Movie

A tale of the ecosystem that grew around TypeScript: the story behind DefinitelyTyped.

Johnny Reilly

The Case for Discriminated Union Types with TypeScript

How to use TypeScript to properly model different shapes of data in the type system.

Alejandro Dustet

How We Failed, Then Succeeded, at Migrating to TypeScript

A set of guiding principles (focused on people rather than the tech) that helped the engineers at Heap transition from CoffeeScript to TypeScript.

Luke Autry

Community Section of TypeScript Website

Orta from the TypeScript team started compiling a list of cool ideas for the community section on the TypeScript website. Pitch in if you have ideas or feedback!

Orta Therox

Binary Arithmetic in the TypeScript Type System

TypeScript’s type system is Turing complete! A post about implementing 8-bit binary arithmetic in the type system itself.

Josh Goldberg